Philips’ LED-based indoor farm could change the food industry, aid in world hunger crisis

Philips has just opened its GrowWise City indoor farm in the Netherlands that has the potential to revolutionize the food we eat with customizable 'growth recipes' and even solve world hunger issues.

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Want a HoloLens for your university? Apply to Microsoft’s grant program

Dubbed the Academic Research Request for Proposals, Microsoft plans to present five educational institutions with $100,000 and two HoloLens kits each. Those who are interested must submit an application by September 5, 2015


Can I get an amen? Brazil’s sin-free version of Facebook is already at 100,000 users

Facegloria is Brazil’s G-rated version of Facebook, and it already has 100,000 users. The site has strict rules against swearing, nudity, and more. The 'like' button is replaced by an 'amen' button.

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Make the most of the iPhone 6 with these 20 essential tricks and tips

The iPhone 6 is one of the most sophisticated smartphones in history — if you know how to use it. Here are 20 of our favorite tips and tricks, whether you want to shift the screen down closer to your thumb or use Siri without even touching your device.


Following new evidence, Bounce and BET cancel all reruns of Cosby’s shows

Following the latest release of previously unsealed documents, Bounce has confirmed that the network will no longer air reruns of Cosby, and BET will cease reruns of The Cosby Show starting tomorrow.

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Petguard lets you set out-of-bounds areas for your furry friends

Training your pets to stay out of spaces where they don't belong requires consistency that is difficult to provide, unless you can spend every minute of your day watching them. Petguard helps you set areas that are off-limits to pets and train them to steer…


This gravity-defying toy leverages a weird aerodynamic shape to fly over 200 feet

Generally speaking, smaller discs aren't as steady as larger ones, but ZipChip's unique shape apparently gives it a high degree of aerodynamic stability.

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This interactive 3D map of every object orbiting Earth is absolutely engrossing

An incoming college freshman just created a website showing off everything currently orbiting Earth, and the finished product is astounding.

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Use your PC from the couch – or anywhere – with these smartphone apps

Need to control your computer without a mouse or keyboard, from across the room or across the country? These five apps are up to the task.


Harry Shearer (aka Mr. Burns and more) returns to The Simpsons

Harry Shearer, who voices numerous characters on The Simpsons, has signed a new deal with Fox, meaning he won't be leaving the long-running cartoon after all. The voice actor's characters range from the evil Mr. Burns to the devoutly religious Ned Flanders.

Fair-weather friends beware: This app shows you who deleted you on Facebook

Every day, Facebook members are blindly “unfriended.” While Facebook doesn’t provide a feature to notify its users every time they are removed from someone’s friend’s list, there’s a new app called Who Deleted Me that plans to fill that gap.

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Can Mozilla’s new plan save Firefox from its declining market share?

As Firefox continues to bleed users, Mozilla outlines a series of changes set to be implemented immediately in an attempt to turn the tide and compete against the likes of Google and Microsoft.


Showtime standalone streaming debuts on multiple devices, offers Hulu discount

CBS's a la carte Showtime service launches on Apple devices, Roku, PlayStation Vue, and on the web today. The service will cost $11 per month, without a cable or satellite subscription, and even offers a discount of $2 per month for paying Hulu subscribers.

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Study findings: Traumatic memories can be blocked with the colorful blocks of Tetris

Recent studies have shown that Tetris can be an effective tool for reducing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, even after the disturbing memories have already had a chance to set in the brain.


This alarm clock automatically plays your favorite tunes to wake you up

The HomTime C1pro looks a lot like an alarm clock; it displays time, indoor temperature, has a USB charging station, and can sync up with your Bluetooth-enabled devices.