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Kentucky man arrested after shooting down $1,800 drone with shotgun

Perhaps becoming a trend after a New Jersey man shot down a drone last year, a homeowner in Kentucky decided to blast away at a drone hovering over his property due to a perceived violation of his privacy.

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Tom Hardy’s upcoming miniseries secures The Killing’s director for four episodes

Taboo, the upcoming Tom Hardy-starring miniseries, now has a director for at least part of the eight-episode event. The Killing's Kristoffer Nyholm has agreed to helm the first half.

GameChanger keeps scores, stats, and live streams for Little League and more

The Little League World Series is coming up soon, and the scorekeeping and stat tracking will be handled by GameChanger, an app dedicated to amateur teams gthat has been in the game since 2010.

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Cymbal mixes Twitter and Spotify to easily share your favorite music

New social media app, Cymbal, allows users to "share your song of the moment" on your personal profile, scroll through a feed of your friends' favorite songs, and listen, like, and comment away.


Exaflop supercomputer project begins, thanks to executive order from President Obama

President Obama has signed an executive order that lays the groundwork for the world's first exaflop supercomputer. If the project is successful, it will result in a system 20 times more powerful than any current supercomputer.


Deflategate inspires Breaking Bad spoof showing Tom Brady destroying his cell phone

The ongoing Deflategate controversy has now inspired Breaking Brady, a Breaking Bad parody video. Using a clip from the show and some very (read: not at all) realistic editing, we see how the Tom Brady-centered drama went down.

Mobcrush aims to be Twitch for mobile, hires Apple, Google, and Xbox leads to do it

Startup Mobcrush, now in open beta, is bringing Twitch-style live game streaming to mobile phones and tablets. The beta is currently only open to people with iOS devices and Mac computers, but Windows and Android betas will follow.


New Black Mass trailer explains Johnny Depp’s ascent to notorious Boston gangster status

A new trailer for Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp, has been released, showing how James "Whitey" Bulger became a notorious Boston gangster and FBI informant. The film hits theaters on Sept. 18.

Happy Birthday song may soon be free of charge thanks to court case

Warner Music holds the alleged copyright to the ubiquitous tune "Happy Birthday to You," but a filmmaker is battling to bring it into the public domain, which would allow movies and TV shows to use the song instead of the usual odd stand-in.


The Oukitel U6 comes with a neat parlor trick: an e-ink display on the back

Though YotaPhone was the first company to launch a smartphone with an e-ink display on the back, Oukitel has now joined the fray with its own version be unveiling the U6. There's currently no word on launch details.


Design by mob rule: Ubik's Uno is quite literally the phone you asked for

The Ubik Uno launched on Kickstarter a week ago, but it’s already halfway to its goal. With high-end specs, a sleek design, and a $345 price tag, it’s no wonder why.

  • Pros: Flagship specs for less than $400 , High-resolution camera…
  • Cons: It's a Kickstarter campaign , No official carrier support

U2 2015 tour documentary, full concert will premiere on HBO in November

HBO has announced a behind-the-scenes documentary following U2 on its most recent tour, as well as a full concert from the tour in November. The two specials will run in November, in conjunction with the end of their tour supporting 'Songs of Innocence.'


It’s not a trap! Adidas adds Star Wars options for miAdidas customization

Your new Adidas Star Wars ZX Fluxes and Superstars may have you looking like the freshest Jedi this side of the force, but don't get cocky, kid.

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All streams matter: Apple Music streams not counted towards Billboard in its first month

In November 2104, Billboard changed the way it tabulated album sales to include music streams from services like Spotify and Pandora. But in its first, wildly successful month, none of Apple Music's streams counted, potentially impacting artists.