Rabbit TV has made some big changes, but is it a scam or the real deal?

Curious if Rabbit TV is all it’s cracked up to be? You aren’t alone. We’ve got the answers laid out right here, along with some other interesting tidbits about Rabbit TV.

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Best Buy tech blunder: Site suffers outages on Black Friday

Likely to impact revenue generated online over the Black Friday weekend, Best Buy's site suffered a couple long outages today leaving online customers to go browse Black Friday deals at other retailers.


Hide your Michelins: BMW M4 sets donut world record

Zhang Shengjun has set the world record for most donuts around a car driving on two wheels in a minute. The drifting specialist managed ten rotations around a 5-door MINI in that time.


Behind on Game of Thrones? Here’s a refresher to catch you up before Telltale’s series

Excited for Telltale Games' take on HBO's Game of Thrones series? Read on to catch up on the story and key characters, and get a sense of how Telltale's take fits into the series' complex tapestry of murder and intrigue.


Big discounts make ‘hidden-city’ plane tickets tempting, but beware the catches

A known travel-booking trick called "hidden cities" has been put in the spotlight, thanks to United Airlines lawsuit against a website that publishes "secret" fares. We spoke with one travel expert on what it is, and why it's a bad idea.


Roku fires back at Amazon with Black Friday deals on Roku Streaming Stick, Roku LT

Roku is holding some crazy Black Friday deals this weekend, selling the streaming stick for $40, in line with the Amazon Fire TV stick; and the LT for $30, less than a Chromecast.

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Easily settle your debts with these 9 money sending applications

Safely and securely send money to your friends and family with these nine great money sending applications.


AV receiver apps for smartphones and tablets will make you look like a home theater wizard

The most popular network AVR apps can turn a smartphone or tablet into a remote control, sure, but did you know they can do far more? We cover some of the coolest of those functions right here.

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Breaking down the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, frame by frame

A frame-by-frame breakdown of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer, along with informed speculation and some thoughts on this first look at the next chapter in the Star Wars series.


Cha-ching: The cash register of the future is faster, smarter, and goes anywhere

In the future, you’ll pay for beer with an app on your phone and buy shoes with the single tap against a payment terminal just like this. Welcome to the future of paying.


Reports of drones flying close to aircraft on increase, FAA data reveals

Despite the fact that drone flights are banned within five miles of U.S. airports, an alarming number of sightings have been reported by pilots in the last six months, with some coming perilously close to aircraft.

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Microsoft reportedly planning ‘significant’ Windows 10 event for soon after CES

While Microsoft's Windows 10 presentation back in September was a short and sweet affair, an event reportedly being prepped for January to show off its consumer features is expected to be a lot meatier.


European Union votes in favor of splitting Google into smaller companies

Lawmakers in Europe on Thursday voted to split Web giant Google into smaller companies in a bid to curb its burgeoning presence and power. However, the vote is non-binding and so Google will, for now at least, remain intact.


Lenovo’s Horizon 27 2 is back and better, but not quite enough

The Lenovo Horizon was an experimental family computer with some interesting traits that failed to offer a compelling reason to use it. Has its successor improved on the formula…

  • Pros: Attractive, slim design , Responsive touchscreen
  • Cons: Still too heavy , Mediocre performance , Short battery life…