Will ditching drive-by-wire steering make the Infiniti Q50S truly sporty?

The Infiniti Q50S is supposed to be a driver-focused sport sedan, but drivers aren't happy with its Direct Adaptive Steering system. So Infiniti will replace it with a lower-tech hydraulic setup from the G37.


Finally win at fantasy football with NumberFire’s new analytics app

Predictive analytics company NumberFire is launching its first app aimed at fantasy sports players. The app, available September 2 on iOS, uses proprietary technology and crowdsourcing to pick winners.


Amazon Studios reportedly planning a revival of The Tick live-action series

A rumor has Amazon Studios considering a new, live-action series based on The Tick with Patrick Warburton returning as the blue-costumed superhero.


Microsoft is removing the 2GB sync ban on its OneDrive cloud storage service

Microsoft is lifting the ban on syncing files larger than 2GB right now. Users first noticed the new policy, which was later confirmed by Microsoft.


5 gorgeous turntables under $500 that will spin your stacks of wax in style

Vinyl records are awesome, but they're also finicky. To get the best out of your stacks of wax, it's best to play them on a quality turntable, but you don't have to lay down a small fortune to get one. Here's our top five turntable picks under $500.

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iPhone 6 Rumors: 5.5-inch version may get a massive battery

Interested in Apple's next smartphone? Whether it's called the iPhone 6, the iPhone Air, or something completely different, we've got you covered on the most popular rumors, gossip, news, and speculation surrounding it.


Germany bans Uber Pop, but keeps Uber Black up and running

A German court has banned ride-sharing service Uber Pop across the entire country. Uber vowed to appeal the ruling and refused to suspend service, telling its customers to continue using the app as normal.


Put a personal touch on your PS4 and PS Vita with Themes

Sony confirms plans to bring the PlayStation 3's custom dashboard Themes feature to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in each machine's planned fall 2014 update.


Sony RX10 bridge camera gets high-quality XAVC-S video format, lower price

With a large 1-inch sensor, new image processor, and Carl Zeiss zoom lens, Sony adds a high-zoom "bridge" camera to its premium RX series, the 20.2-megapixel Cyber-shot RX10.


Turn your smartphone pictures into unique 3D worlds with Matter

Matter is a photo manipulation app for iOS devices that lets you turn your smartphone or tablet pictures into fantastic 3D worlds. The app lets you turn a flat image into a third-dimensional one by inserting objects into it.


Michael Bay to bring Cosmic Motors art book to the big screen

Transformers franchise director Michael Bay will produce a film based on designer Daniel Simon's 2007 book of futuristic concept art, Cosmic Motors.


Saints Row 4 dev releases PC mod tools, hilarity to surely ensue

Deep Silver Volition announced plans at PAX Prime 2014 to release mod tools for the PC version of Saints Row 4. There's no release date yet for the mod tools.


iWatch Rumors: Wearable enters final stages of testing, but may not debut until 2015

Apple's iWatch has been one of the biggest secrets in tech for a couple years now. Here's a look at everything we know about it, from the team designing it to the features it might have.


Samsung gives the Gear S some bling with a Swarovski crystal-encrusted band

Samsung added some bling to its Gear S smartwatch with a Swarovski crystal band. The company will also most likely offer Swarovski crystal-encrusted Galaxy Note 4 cases.