Record-breaking atomic clock won’t gain or lose a second for 15 billion years

By making a few adjustments to their record-setting optical lattice clock, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were able to achieve an unprecedented new level of precision.

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3 easy ways to take a screenshot on an HTC One M9, or any other Android device

If you’re wondering how to get a screen grab of your HTC Android device, wonder no longer. Here's how to take a screenshot on any HTC Android smartphone.


Meet Aiko Chihira, the robotic humanoid who’s greeting shoppers in Japan

A department store in Tokyo, Japan has unveiled a humanoid receptionist featured to draw customers in. The robot, Aiko Chihira, is the latest development from Toshiba and Osaka University.

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Not getting a lot done this week? How to set reminders with Google Now

More of a big picture guy? Google Now will be that personal assistant you've always needed. We'll give you the rundown on how to set reminders on Google Now that make it easy to remember where you need to be and when.


Apple is offering select developers a second chance at preordering the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may not ship until June for some, but Apple's offering certain developers the chance to get it much earlier. That may be the only recourse for those who missed out on early pre-orders.


Paramount working on a Galaxy Quest TV series

Paramount is reportedly shopping around adapting cult sci-fi parody movie Galaxy Quest into a series. The original film starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub.

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Squarepusher doesn’t just make electronica, he makes the software to make it

Electronica pioneer Squarepusher takes creative freedom so seriously, he wrote his own software to author the digital beats on Damogen Furies, his latest album.


Why stop at just an SUV? Bentley’s upcoming Bentayga could go topless in the future

Bentley CEO CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer has hinted that the brand is open to different variations to the upcoming Bentayga SUV. He states that a convertible version isn’t off the table, nor is a coupe-like iteration similar to the BMW X6.


These shoes expand to accommodate growing feet, so impoverished kids don’t outgrow them

The Shoe That Grows, as it's called, is an adjustable shoe that can expand as the wearer's foot gets bigger. Intended to serve children in developing countries, it can grow five sizes, and is designed to last five years.

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Pro hacker Chris Roberts banned by United Airlines over tweet

Security firm One World Labs founder Chris Roberts was prevented from making his United flight to San Francisco due to a tweet that referenced the airline's onboard systems. His equipment was confiscated once he landed in Syracuse.


Aston Martin gears up for its second century with a complete lineup overhaul by 2020

Along with revealing the DBX concept to the audience of the Shanghai Auto Show, Aston Martin has declared its strategy for the next five years. The brand seeks to replace all its existing vehicles and also add three more to its product lineup.