LG G5 rumors begin, starting out with talk of built-in retina scanning tech

It's only just possible to go out and buy the LG G4, but that hasn't stopped speculation starting about next year's LG G5 smartphone. Here's what we've heard about the future device so far.


GoPro reveals new VR rig, confirms quadcopter development

GoPro is getting into VR, this week revealing it's working on a rig that holds six Hero4 cameras for capturing 360-degree video content. And that's not all. Company CEO Nick Woodman also confirmed it's developing a quadcopter incorporating a GoPro camera.


The Magic View and Smart Cast are 2 of Lenovo’s crazy new concept devices

Lenovo has shown off two crazy tech concepts at its Tech World 2015 show. The first is a dual-screen smartwatch called the Magic View, and the second is a smartphone with a virtual keyboard projector built-in.


Google confirms imminent launch of ‘buy’ button, set to increase pressure on Amazon

Google has confirmed it's going to launch a 'buy' button for search ads, saying Wednesday that it's arrival is 'imminent.' The move is likely to upset sites like Amazon as Web shoppers will be able to conduct transactions direct from Google's site.


Look out, Twitter – Google and Yahoo are also mulling Flipboard purchase

We heard earlier this week that Twitter is interested in acquiring news-reader app Flipboard. New reports suggest Web giants Google and Yahoo are also in talks with the Palo Alto startup, though details about any possible offers aren't currently known.


What does this do? A quick explanation of DSLR buttons

Most DSLR cameras are more user-friendly than you might think, but that doesn't mean you can make sense of every button and switch without some help. Check out our quick-hit guide to common DSLR buttons, so you'll have little trouble with operation.


Audi’s sales chief believes half of value creation will be based on in-car tech by 2020

At the inaugural CES Asia event, Audi sales chief Luca de Meo spoke about how in-car electronics are becoming as important as performance. By 2020, he predicts half of value creation will be based on apps, software, and electronic systems.


Drifting and crashing in Mario Kart 8’s crazy-quick 200cc mode

Joshua Smith is no slouch behind the wheel in Mario Kart, but the new 200cc mode in the latest Mario Kart 8 DLC pushes his skills to the limits, and then some.


If Narcissus had been on Facebook – Study examines personality as revealed by Facebook updates

If you wanted to know a bit more about your Facebook friends, a recent study done by Brunel University shows that what you post on Facebook could define who you are.

Social Media

Kaitlin Olson and Lake Bell star in new FX animated series Cassius & Clay

A star-studded cast has signed on to lend their voice acting talents to a new animated series from FX called Cassius & Clay, including Lake Bell and Kaitlin Olson who will voice the lead characters.

Movies & TV

The Minecraft Gameband let’s you take the block-busting blockbuster anywhere

Gameband + Minecraft is Mojang’s first wearable, a USB bracelet that lets you take your creations anywhere and a high-quality, programmable LED watch.

  • Pros: Easy to use for playing within minutes of plugging in to a…
  • Cons: Niche appeal

Grab your boomstick: Bruce Campbell joins Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s next DLC

The next DLC expansion for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare arrives in June, adding four new multiplayer maps and another chapter of the Exo Zombies saga, this time featuring cult movie legend Bruce Campbell.


Apple TV rumor roundup: CBS in discussions to join Apple’s Web TV service

Apple is finally going to update the aging Apple TV soon, and rumor has it that coming along for the ride will be the company's new online streaming service, as well. The latest rumor indicates that CBS is in negotiations to join the Web TV service.

Chevrolet announces Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity across 14 models

General Motors has announced that it will allow Apple and Android smartphone customers to connect with the brand’s ‘MyLink’ infotainment system this year. 14 Chevrolet models will feature connectivity first, with other GM cars to follow.