Why that iOS ‘backdoor’ isn’t really a threat unless Big Brother is after you

Forensic scientist and iOS hacker Jonathan Zdziarski revealed what appears to be a backdoor in iOS. The backdoor could be used by hackers or the NSA to spy on iOS users, but is it really a danger to you?


Hot Wheels unveils life-size Darth Vader Car at Comic-Con

Ever wondered what Darth Vader would drive? This life-size Star Wars-inspired hot rod was unveiled at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, sporting a 526-horsepower V8 and a menacing look modeled on the Sith Lord himself.


Grid Autosport review

In an age when most racing games fill the spaces between driving in circles with a multitude of features, Grid Autosport's lean race-first focus is a fresh surprise.

  • Pros: Strong racing simulation, Lean career mode emphasizes…
  • Cons: Visual presentation not up to the standards of modern racing…

Weird Al’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ debuts at No. 1 on Billboard after viral video craze

Weird Al Yankovic's album "Mandatory Fun" became the parody master's first ever to hit number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Weird Al's eight-day music video extravaganza seems to have worked.


Predators writer to work on Deux Ex screenplay as Scott Derrickson exits

The Deus Ex movie will receive a rewrite from Predators screenwriter Michael Finch, and will need to find a new director to replace Scott Derrickson.


How to delete and re-install games on your Xbox One hard drive

Removing and re-installing games on the Xbox One's hard drive isn't difficult, but it's a process that not everyone's familiar with. Here's a brief how-to that runs through every step.


It DOES exist! 5,000-HP, 348-mph Devel Sixteen spotted on the move

With a claimed 5,000 horsepower and 348 mph top speed, the Devel Sixteen is as improbable as Bigfoot. Now, there's evidence that it can at least move under its own power. Can it do anything else?


Newly acquired Apple patent shows how 3D photography could work in iPhone

Apple has recently acquired a patent for a 3D photography technology that could easily be implemented as an iPhone app. The technology requires the use of just a single lens, and no glasses are needed to view a 3D image.


Luigi is ice cold in this Japanese commercial for Mario Kart 8

Someone in Nintendo's marketing department has been on the internet sometime in the last month, as Luigi's 'Death Stare' makes an appearance over in Japan. The inescapable meme still has some life left in it.


OS X Yosemite public beta could arrive sometime this month (Updated)

Though Yosemite isn't due out until sometime this fall, the public could get a good look at it pretty soon in the form of a public beta.


How to sign up for the Apple OS X Yosemite beta, set to launch this summer (Updated)

Apple announced a beta program at WWDC 14 that will allow you to test out OS X Yosemite months before it's released. Here's how to sign up for the chance to do just that.


Businesses, cyber security firms are coming up with creative ways to fight hackers

Both businesses and Internet security firms are taking some interesting measures to combat against hackers and ransomware.


Microsoft confirms that the Surface Mini is dead

We've been hearing about Microsoft's supposed plans to launch a smaller version of its Surface tablet, tentatively named the Surface Mini, for some time. Here's everything we think we know about the device so far.


10 annoying issues with the Sony Xperia Z2, and how to fix them

Run into an issue with your Xperia Z2? Don’t worry we have some potential solutions and workarounds for you right here. Join us for a look at the most common Xperia Z2 problems and advice on how to deal with them.