Sony decides a change will do it good, appoints new mobile chief as sales shrink

Sony has appointed Hiroki Totoki as its new head of mobile, in the face of shrinking sales and further lowered expectations, a move it hopes will reinvigorate the struggling division.


Stay in and scream with 15 horror movies you can stream

There's more than enough scary films available online for your Halloween movie marathon, and here are 15 you might want to watch this year.


Mark Zuckerberg wants YOUR questions for Facebook’s first public Q&A

If there's something you'd love to ask Mark Zuckerberg, now's your chance. The founder and boss of the world's largest social networking site is set to host Facebook's first public Q&A session on November 6, with the entire event livestreamed.

Social Media

Android co-founder Andy Rubin to leave Google, Web giant confirms

The man who helped bring Android into being before going on to lead Google's push into robotics is leaving the Web giant. Andy Rubin will reportedly set up an incubator for startups developing technology hardware products.

Android Army

Slim, stylish and ready to take super selfies, Samsung’s Galaxy A3 and A5 phones are here

Now Samsung has got the hang of premium style phones, it can't stop making them. The new Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 have super slim, metal unibodies, and large Super AMOLED touchscreens. Aimed at the young and hip, selfies can be taken with either the front or…


Starbucks coffee delivery coming soon for mobile app orders

Delicious, piping hot java juice delivered right to your cubicle? Starbucks seems to think that's possible. The coffee company plans to roll out a delivery service in specific cities before the end of next year.


Does Verizon owe you cash? It’s about to fork over $64 million to over-billed consumers

Verizon quietly agreed to a settlement for $64.2 million. The settlement stems from a lawsuit that alleged Big Red over-charged its Family SharePlan subscribers between 2002 and 2006. The settlement has yet to be approved.


The first laptop with clicky mechanical keys will make everyone at Starbucks hate you

Mechanical keyboards are often preferred by gamers for their increased accuracy, but they haven't been available on gaming laptops. MSI is changing that with the GT80 TItan.


AirGuard can tell when there’s weed or tobacco smoke in the air

Using a special set of polymer films, the device can accurately detect cigarette and marijuana smoke in a way that a normal smoke alarm cannot.


Good news, Euro drivers! Honda’s new ‘App Center’ brings cloud-based content into your car

Creative technology company Ixonos has released the Honda App Store, the cloud-based in-car content store for the brand’s Android head unit. The App Store will run as a standard feature on all new 2015 Hondas in Europe.


Hoover’s latest really sucks: Air Cordless takes the wires out of work

If you’re looking for an ultra-maneuverable vacuum that you can whip around your floors with ease, the Hoover Air Cordless should definitely be on your short list.

  • Pros: Super lightweight , Cordless , Comes with two batteries…
  • Cons: Struggles with mid-sized granules (sand) , Feels flimsy…

Hunt the fell beasts of Middle-earth in Shadow of Mordor’s ‘Lord of the Hunt’

The first DLC expansion for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Lord of the Hunt, will focus on Torvin the Dwarven Hunter and a deadly new class of mounted Beastmaster Warchiefs.


Like Shazam for songbirds, this app identifies birds by their tweet

Similar to song-identifying apps like Shazam and SoundHound, Warblr uses your smartphone to record a nearby bird song and then analyze it in real time with sophisticated machine learning algorithms to determine the species of the performer.


Google coughs up $2,250 for showing a woman’s cleavage in Street View

Earlier this month, Google was ordered to pay a Canadian woman $2,250 for showing her cleavage in Street View on Google Maps. The lawsuit was initially filed back in 2011.