This phone comes with a massive battery, costs $100, and can be upgraded in the future

Google's Project Ara isn't the only modular smartphone we can expect to see launch this year. Meet Fonkraft, a new modular phone that's cheap, easily modified, and expected to be ready in September.


China’s Tencent launches new OS for smartwatches, smart TVs, and virtual reality headsets

China's Tencent, which owns the WeChat messaging app and the QQ social network, has announced a new mobile operating system called TOS+. It's designed to be used on the coolest new products, from smartwatches to VR headsets.


This is our first official look at the bezel-less, super slim Oppo R7

The Oppo R7 is coming, and it could have a very cool bezel-free display, if the leaks which have spread over the past months are correct. The latest speculation says the phone will be announced on May 20.


Best Buy will start accepting Apple Pay in stores later this year

Inadvertently making that expensive Apple Watch slightly more useful, Best Buy has decided to start accepting Apple Pay in all stores within the United States before the end of 2015.


Goodbye Skype? Facebook adds free video calling to Messenger

Ideal for anyone that's a power user of the Facebook Messenger application, the social network has launched support for a new video calling feature that works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Social Media

Super Troopers 2 scores $4.4 Million on Indiegogo

After the second most-funded campaign for a film ever, it looks like the cult-classic movie Super Troopers is getting a sequel. Broken Lizard will start work on the film this summer.

Movies & TV

Backup Memory is Samsung’s way of helping Alzheimer’s patients dealing with memory loss

For those afflicted with Alzheimer's, Samsung developed an app that helps with their short-term memory loss. Called Backup Memory, this app acts as a memory stimulator for early-onset patients.


mThrow smart sleeve helps prevent arm injuries before they happen

mThrow works with the Motus Sleeve smart sensor, using a 3D database to figure out if athletes are overdoing it. This smart sleeve could lead to a significant reduction in UCL injuries among baseball players in particular.

Health & Fitness

Valve pulls the plug on paid mod program, says it ‘missed the mark pretty badly’

In response to user feedback, Valve has turned off paid mods for Skyrim after just a few days, and is issuing refunds to anyone who purchased a mod.


10 Best concept cars of 2015

We've got the best concept cars from the 2014-2015 auto show season right here. From an electric SUV to plug-in hybrid sports cars and a self-driving Mercedes, see what the future holds for cars.


Madman cuts open Surface 3 Pro to install new 1TB solid state drive

Jose Malagon is a man who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. When the Surface Pro 3 didn't have enough space, he broke out the drill and gave an upgrade most people thought impossible.


Calm down! Like dogs, the first Intel RealSense games can sense your fear

Intel's RealSense system not only senses gestures like Kinect, it can detect your pulse to read your emotions, opening the door for games that know when you're scared -- and respond accordingly.


Lenovo’s new ThinkCentre Chromebox will have you hotswapping all day

Lenovo's new ThinkCentre Chromebox is sure to turn heads with its small form-factor, lightning quick specs, and modular design which enables it to easily pop into any of Lenovo's new Tiny-in-One base stations.


Apple kills it again in Q2, exceeds earnings expectations

Apple reported its Q2 earnings late Monday and the news was better than expected. Apple beat the market expectations on both iPhone units sold, as well as profit per share.