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Marriott’s Android app left customers’ credit card information wide open for years

Software developer Randy Westergren discovered a pretty large vulnerability in Marriott's Android app. This vulnerability allowed him to obtain customers' credit card information and other data on file.


Spotify plants its flag in the world of video games with PlayStation Music

PlayStation Music is a new service launching in spring 2015 for PlayStation consoles and Xperia smartphones and tablets. It's powered by Spotify, replacing Sony's existing Music Unlimited service.


Samsung? LG? Sony? Nope, the best Android tablet ever made comes from Dell

Android tablet fans haven’t had many high-end options. That changes with the Dell Venue 8 7000 series -- the best Android tablet we’ve ever seen.

  • Pros: Best Android tablet , Gorgeous, metal design , Amazing…
  • Cons: No Lollipop , Depth effects take time to process

Latest leak shows two HTC One M9 phones, with two screen sizes

HTC's next flagship phone, the One M9, will soon be on its way. The question is, will there be one version, or two? We've gathered together all the news and rumors regarding the next major HTC release into one handy roundup.


Take $140 off the Moto X or $50 off the Moto 360 during next week’s Motorola promo

Next Monday, February 2, Motorola will offer promotional codes for $140 off purchases of $500 or $50 off purchases of $250. If you're unable to nab one of those codes, Motorola will still offer $100 off purchases of $500 or $30 off purchases of $250.


Sony reportedly to cut additional 1,000 jobs from mobile division

As part of plans to revamp its smartphone business, Sony has reportedly decided to cut a further 1,000 jobs in its mobile division, a move that will leave the unit with around 5,000 workers.

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Wave hello to the gesture-controlled ZTE Blade S6, which comes with Android 5.0

ZTE has announced the Blade S6 smartphone, which not only comes with Android 5.0 installed as standard, but also a Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor for the full 64-bit experience.


Hotel Tonight’s new booking features will get you even cheaper rooms on short notice

Same-day hotel booking service HotelTonight introduced Bonus Rate and Rate Drop, two new services that offer steeper, location-based discounts.


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge variant leaks on Vodafone site in Europe

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is almost certain to launch in the next few months, but the early rumors about its projected specifications are already here. We've put together all the news in one place, so you can keep up to date with the Galaxy S6.


Huawei to dump low-cost phones, eyes the mobile high-life lived by Apple and Samsung

Huawei will concentrate on building mobile devices costing $300 or more in the future, in a effort to boost its international sales and separate itself from competitors such as Lenovo and Xiaomi.

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Facebook Lite strips the social network down for users in developing countries

Facebook is turning its attention to developing mobile markets. Facebook Lite is a portal that runs on the weaker, cheaper hardware ubiquitous overseas.


Next Asus ZenWatch could blow away the competition with 7-day battery life

Asus CEO hints that the next ZenWatch may have 7-day battery life, thanks to a more efficient processor and simplified operating system. Earlier rumors suggest SIM card support.


Nexus 6 fingerprint scanner plans thwarted by Apple

Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has revealed in an interview the Nexus 6 almost had a fingerprint scanner fitted to its rear panel, but plans were abandoned when its supplier couldn't deliver the component on time.


Google’s rumored wireless network may try to cure your reception woes

According to new rumors, Google is in the process of setting itself up as a mobile network. The project, codename Nova, is expected later this year, and the company may team up with T-Mobile and Sprint to make it a reality


The 5 best phones you can safely hand over to your kids’ grubby paws

Keeping track of your children on the go is tough, but finding the right cell phone for them may be even harder. Check out our selection of the best cell phones for kids, so you can find the right device for your kid (and your wallet).


At less than 5mm, this is officially the thinnest smartphone in the world

The title of world's thinnest smartphone seems to change hands every day. Recently belonging to Vivo's X5 Max, the title seems poised to be taken by Ivvi's upcoming smartphone, which is reported to be a svelte 4.7mm thick.


140 Awesome apps for Android Tablets (January 2015)

It's 2015, so we decided to completely overhaul our Android Tablet apps list. We've got more than 100 of the best tablet apps available on the Google Play Store and beyond including apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want quickly and…


7 kid-friendly tablets for keeping tiny ones tamed

Looking to keep those tiny fingerprints off your own tablet? Or want a sure-fire way to stay sane on your trip to the store? Here are the seven best tablets for the kids.


BBC News app overhaul brings fresh look and new features

The BBC's news app landed on mobile devices back in 2010. It's had a few run-of-the-mill updates since then, but this week sees its first major redesign, bringing with it a fresh look and new features.


How to root your Android phone or tablet

Are you wondering whether to root your Android smartphone? Perhaps you’ve decided to do it and you just need to know how? You’ll find an explanation and a quick guide to Android rooting right here.


180 Awesome Android Apps for 2015

We've completely overhauled our Android apps list. Here are more than 180 of the best apps available on the Google Play Store and beyond. We've got apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want fast and easy.


LG says the G Flex 2’s Snapdragon 810 is cooler, literally, than any other processor

Despite rumors Samsung is having difficulty taming the Snapdragon 810 processor, LG says the chip is not only performing well, but also running cooler than others in its forthcoming G Flex 2 smartphone.


Amazon Fire Phone goes on sale yet again for $200 unlocked with 1 year of Prime

Amazon is having yet another Fire Phone sale, with the unlocked variant going for just $200. When you consider the specifications, as well as the newly-gained ability to sideload the


5 of the worst problems with Android Wear watches, and how to fix them

Having problems with your Android Wear device? Smartwatch not acting so smart? We've got a roundup of common Android Wear problems for you right here, along with advice on how to fix them or work around.


Android photographers can sell photos on Snapwire via new native app

Snapwire, a stock photo agency that is leveraging the increasing use of mobile devices among photographers, has launched its app for Android. The app allows Android users to connect with buyers, and sell their photos.


LG will probably pass on MWC launch for G4, but it may throw in some new wearables

The LG G4 smartphone may be the company's flagship Android phone for 2015, but what will it look like, and how will it trump the excellent G3? We've gathered together all the news and rumors on the phone to keep you informed.


HP’s new Pro Slate tablets come with a cool stylus that digitizes words onto the screen

Hewlett Packard's new Android-based Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 tablets come with a pleasant surprise: a Duet Pen stylus. This clever tool digitizes what's written on another surface, right onto the screen of the tablet.


FDA decides to regulate some wearables, as Apple Watch launch looms

The FDA has finalized a list of guidelines to determine which wearables will face regulatory scrutiny and which will not. Based on the guidelines, it appears most wearables will not face regulation.


This Japanese phone shows us what a network exclusive device should be like

Japanese network KDDI has announced the Infobar A03 smartphone, an exclusive device produced with the help of several top designers. Compact and stylish, it should be the template for all own-brand smartphones in the future.


Samsung’s grip on the Chinese market slipped ever so slightly in 2014

Samsung's loosened grip on the Chinese market in 2014 shouldn't come as a huge surprise, seeing how the company already had a less-than-stellar overall 2014. While Samsung is still on top, its lead has been trimmed tremendously.