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Huawei leapfrogs Microsoft to become the world’s third-largest smartphone company

China-based company Huawei leapfrogged Microsoft in Q2 2015 to become the world's third-largest smartphone vendor, according to Strategy Analytics. The firm gained sales mostly at the expense of Microsoft, which saw weakness in its Lumia business.


Everything you need to know about the Stagefright hack and how to defend yourself

More than 950 million Android phones are vulnerable to a new hack utilizing bugs found in the Stagefright media playback tool. Here's everything you need to know about it and how to defend yourself.


Nvidia determines that some Shield tablets pose a fire risk, initiates voluntary recall

Nvidia has determined that the battery in some of its Shield tablets can overheat and catch flame. It's initiated a voluntary recall in response. Affected buyers can apply for a replacement.


10 best cases for your Amazon Fire HD 7 (4th generation) tablet

If you're looking for a new case for your Amazon Fire HD 7, you have come to the right place. Whether it's soft, rigid, or even kid proof, we have you covered. Here's our top cases available right now.


The Oukitel U6 comes with a neat parlor trick: an e-ink display on the back

Though YotaPhone was the first company to launch a smartphone with an e-ink display on the back, Oukitel has now joined the fray with its own version be unveiling the U6. There's currently no word on launch details.


Design by mob rule: Ubik's Uno is quite literally the phone you asked for

The Ubik Uno launched on Kickstarter a week ago, but it’s already halfway to its goal. With high-end specs, a sleek design, and a $345 price tag, it’s no wonder why.

  • Pros: Flagship specs for less than $400 , High-resolution camera…
  • Cons: It's a Kickstarter campaign , No official carrier support

Samsung Gear A watch: Rotating bezel confirmed along with a possible render

Samsung may introduce its first round smartwatch soon. The device may sport a rotating bezel, a crown-shaped power button, and 3G connectivity. Here's everything we think we know about it so far.


Samsung expects mounting challenges for mobile as smartphone shipments drop in second quarter

Even though financials fared disappointingly when compared year-over-year, Samsung did see increases in revenue and profit when compared to the previous quarter. Unfortunately, the mobile division continues


Google’s Android for Work program nabs all four U.S. carriers, 40 new businesses

Google's Android for Work program continues to sign on names. All four major U.S. carriers, 40 new businesses, and a growing list of device makers have joined the fray, the company announced.


Sony reports surging revenue as its mobile division continues to drown in red ink

As a whole, Sony reported very positive financial results, with several of the company's divisions reporting substantial growths. Unfortunately, the mobile division was not one of them, with the division reporting further losses.


Researchers find Android vulnerability that can render devices inoperable

Security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a vulnerability that they claim can render a phone or tablet inoperable. All it takes, according to the report, is a malformed video file.


Samsung Pay News: MasterCard extends partnership to include European cardholders

Samsung Pay aims to rival Apple Pay and Google Wallet in the mobile payment space. The system works with NFC and verifies payments with your fingerprint. It may also work at locations where NFC is not accepted. Here's everything we know about it so far.


For the OnePlus 2 to be the best deal in Android, it has to defeat Motorola first

OnePlus showed the new OnePlus 2 off in a flashy virtual reality launch event that went beyond anything its competitors have done before. The phone has a lot to live up to, if it's to beat a surprise challenge from Motorola.


T-Mobile continues to surge with profits and subscriber growth, tops J.D. Power study

Things are looking good at T-Mobile. The company beat analyst expectations in profitability and added 2.1 million new subscribers during the second quarter 2015. The fourth-largest carrier even topped the latest J.D. Power study.


Razer’s Android gamepad is now on sale for $80 in the Google Store

Mobile games can be great, but when the touchpad controls just don't cut it, a lot of the fun goes out the window. Razer's Serval controller has a dedicated housing slot for a phone built in, and is now available on the Google Store for $80.


Google Maps update could help you avoid a long wait for coffee in the morning

Think waiting in line is unbearable? Google Maps agrees and it's helping you avoid the lines with a recent update that shows expected wait times at restaurants and coffee shops. Just don't tell your boss or you won't have an excuse for being late.


FM radio in your phone is about to make a comeback, if AT&T gets its way

Starting next year, AT&T will begin encouraging smartphone makers to include support for FM radio in their top-end smartphones. The new policy stems from an agreement with NextRadio, a company that produces branded radio apps.


Eyeing a Galaxy S6? Samsung may be about to drop the price

There are reports that Samsung may be considering a price drop for its top-of-the-range Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, after sales slow down. The news comes ahead of the expected Galaxy Note 5 announcement.


This app is like Google Inbox for your smartphone notifications

Sick of swiping away notifications that don't matter? Snowball acts as a priority inbox for the notifications you get from other apps, cutting down on the clutter and ensuring notifications are useful.


Leaked LG Nexus 5 2015 case may hint at multiple camera lenses

Rumors are starting to spread about Google's next Nexus phone, and there could be two out in 2015, with one being made by Huawei and the other by LG. Here's what we think we know so far.


The New Moto G is the best phone you can buy for $180

If you’re looking for a good smartphone, you don’t need the latest and greatest, and you’ve got $200 burning a hole in your pocket – look no further than the 2015 Moto G.

  • Pros: Excellent value for the $180 price , Customizable back…
  • Cons: Not the fastest processor , Plastic back is a little creaky

Yahoo’s Livetext messenger is a cross between Snapchat and Periscope

Yahoo's Livetext app is a video messaging client with a twist: no audio. You can text your chat partner but can't hear them. It's the latest attempt by Yahoo to capture an audience on mobile.


LG’s mobile division flounders in second quarter, but remains strong in North America

LG revealed its second quarter financials earlier today, and while the mobile division is increasing its presence in North America, it's not performing much better anywhere else. Unfortunately, the division did not meet expectations in key areas.


15 annoying Samsung Galaxy S6 problems, and how to fix them

Have you been having Galaxy S6 problems? It may look close to perfect, but no smartphone is truly free of flaws. Fear not, we've got some workarounds, and possible solutions, to soothe those Galaxy S6 issues.


Google Translate is gaining instantaneous translation support for 20 more languages

Google Translate is gaining an update that'll add 20 more languages to its instantaneous translation feature. It'll make for a total of 27, a big jump from the feature's debut total of 7.


Sick of Taylor Swift? ‘Discover the undiscovered’ with ReverbNation’s EchoMusic

Sick of hearing the same songs over and over again? ReverbNation's EchoMusic app introduces you to new artists who haven't made it to the big time yet. Its goal is to help you "discover the undiscovered" talent that's out there.


Alcatel OneTouch focuses on the budget-minded with the Conquest and the Elevate

Not done with its budget-minded ways, Alcatel OneTouch announced the Conquest and Elevate for Boost Mobile, a prepaid service that runs on Sprint's network. You can currently purchase the Conquest, while the Elevate will be available in August.


Hyundai allows DIY Android Auto installations from a USB drive

Hyundai is offering a do-it-yourself option for Android Auto software installation. Owners can download the software off a Hyundai website and connect it to a car using a USB drive.


Moto 360 2015 News: A Motorola smartwatch stops by the FCC

Rumors are gathering that Motorola has a second generation version of the Moto 360 smartwatch, which could have a revised design and come with new accessories. Here's everything we think we know about it so far.