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First TV ads for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle are released

Amazon hasn’t wasted any time, and has already released commercials for two of its newest products. Most notably is the ad for the Kindle Fire, which not only shows the evolution of print media but also shows how the Fire got its name. The names for both the Kindle and the Fire are found in a quote from Voltaire.

“The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch It from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others and it becomes property of all” – Voltaire

Amazon is saying that just like how books have evolved into e-readers the kindle has evolved into the fire. Pretty poetic if you ask us, actually it might be a little too poetic.

Amazon also released an ad for its new entry level ebook reader, still called the Kindle. The ad is focused on a guy and a girl and she is showing off that she bought two Kindles. The moral of the story is that the new Kindle is so cheap that you can afford to buy two, and don’t forget that “it is better to receive than to give.”  The new Kindle is available for as low as $79 which is almost half the price of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Touch which is available for $139.

We have included both ads below for your review. While we think ad for the Fire is more effective as an advertisement, it’s hard not to like the use of the term “happy pants” in the Kindle commercial.