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The first Xiaomi 'Experience Centers' may be open before the end of the year

Xiaomi has traditionally sold its hardware online in China, but due to increased competition there, the company may be about to open dedicated retail stores and showrooms to help fight back.

Pokémon No: Suspects believed to have used ‘Pokémon Go’ to rob players

According to the O'Fallon Police Department, four suspects who are now in custody are believed to have conducted more than a handful of armed robberies by exploiting 'Pokémon Go.'

Download these apps to capture Pokémon, tweetstorm, and more

Every week we hunt for various apps you can enjoy -- you've probably heard of this week's number one app though. Check out some of our other top picks including an app that lets you easily tweetstorm.

Did someone order extra large? The Galaxy J Max lives up to its name with a 7-inch screen

Samsung announced the Galaxy J Max, a whale of a phone that packs an enormous 7-inch screen and not much else. The Galaxy J Max will be available later in July for Indian residents for around $200.

The future of the $4 smartphone might not look as bright as you might imagine

Ringing Bells announced it finally began shipping its $4 Freedom 251 smartphone. However, based on comments from the company and recent product announcements, the future of the phone is in question.

A mere $70 gets you the Alcatel Dawn complete with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The Alcatel Dawn recently launched on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Even though the phone will not win any awards, what makes it stand out from its competitors is its $70 price tag and Android Marshmallow.

Yes, it’s popular, but is ‘Pokémon Go’ even a video game? We debate

Sometimes, we here at Digital Trends have strong opinions. This debate revolves around the popular app, Pokémon Go, which gaming writer Mike Epstein says is not a game. DT's Staff Writer Julian Chokkattu defends it.

So much for security! Silent Circle's Blackphone business could be in trouble

Silent Circle, the company behind the ultra-secure Blackphone, may be in a spot of trouble. According to court documents, the company has experienced some serious mismanagement and may be on the hook for $5 million.

PayPal vs. Venmo vs. Square vs. Google: Who makes the best app for sending cash?

Today, there are plenty of ways to send money to your friends, regardless of the platform. But which is the best for your individual needs and purposes? Here, we compare PayPal, Google Wallet, Venmo, and Square Cash to find out.

Google is creating a new education project, with Rich Miner at its helm

Android co-founder Rich Miner is set to lead a new education project at Google. It's unknown exactly what the new project will be, however it will be internet-based considering the fact that it's under Google rather than Google's parent…

The Netatmo smart security camera recognizes who’s in your house and when

Security cameras are great, but they're not that smart yet. Netatmo wants to change that, and has come up with a smart security camera with facial recognition, so it's able to tell who's home, and when they're home.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 vs Fitbit Blaze: Which tracker is the fittest?

There are a ton of fitness trackers out there, but two of the best known have to be the Samsung Gear Fit 2 and the Fitbit Blaze. But which is better? Check out our spec comparison for a closer look at which device comes out on top in terms…