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Do Ramadan like a boss with these 5 apps

The holy month of Ramadan is nearly upon us, and frankly, running around on an empty stomach is hard enough. That said, let these user-friendly apps take some of the stress out of your life during this holy month -- you'll never be late for…

The Asus ZenPouch will keep your phone dry while looking colorful

In a peculiar move, Asus unveiled the ZenPouch, a phone pouch that prevents your phone from getting wet. The ZenPouch will presumably be available sometime in the near future for an unspecified price.
Product Review

Razer Turret Review

Couches and keyboards still don't mix, even with Razer's clever Turret.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear Icon X earbuds news

After a period of absence, Samsung returns to the world of fitness wearables, with two new products -- the Gear Fit 2, and activity tracking wireless earbuds called the Icon X.

Samsung gets sweaty again with the Gear Fit 2, and we tried it on

Samsung’s first Gear Fit left a lot to be desired, but its second-generation Gear Fit 2 looks like a winner. Is it good enough to take on the Fitbit?

Amazon appeases plastic critics with a metal-clad Fire HD 10

Amazon relaunches its previously plastic Fire HD 10 tablet with a new build material: silver aluminum. It'll debut at the same $230 price point, and begin shipping in June. It's got all the same specs as the original, too.

Google’s ‘Now on Tap’ lets you run searches in real-time via your camera

Google has made Now on Tap more precise -- you can now highlight specific text before you trigger Now on Tap to get more relevant results, and you can also get more information on images via the Android Marshmallow-only feature.

Say ‘om’: Now you can meditate wearing Gear VR

Need to relax after some frantic Gear VR gaming? Now there's no need to take off the headset to do so, with Guided Meditation VR, a new app that will help relax your body, and focus your mind.

Want to try VR? Samsung’s giving away free Gear VR headsets again

Samsung's proud of the Gear VR virtual reality headset, and wants it on as many heads as possible. It's giving one away for free to anyone who buys a compatible Galaxy smartphone until June 19.

Would you spend $14,000 on an 'unhackable' phone? Sirin Labs hopes you will

Sirin Labs, a newcomer to the smartphone industry, has launched the Solarin, a phone that provides an extremely high level of privacy and security. However, it comes at a high price. We've tried out the phone.

Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 2 has a lot of fitness tech for not a lot of money

The Mi Band 2 is Xiaomi's sequel to the Mi Band, and in addition to another low price and long battery life, it has a screen on the front to show your stats, and new software tweaks to accompany the updated hardware.

The LG Stylus 2 Plus brings phone stylus goodness to the masses

A mere four months after its unveiling of the Stylus 2, LG gets back in the stylus game with the Stylus 2 Plus. The phone is currently available in Taiwan, with widespread availability sometime this June.