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Hand size be damned: Alcatel’s new Pixi 3 and 4 smartphones and tablets are for everyone

Alcatel unveiled its new Pixi 4 line of smartphones and tablets, while the Pixi 3 8-inch tablet represents the company's first foray into the world of Windows, albeit Windows 10 Mobile. The latter will be available in April.

Haier brings the heat to CES 2016 with three Android and Windows tablets

Haier wants to make its presence at CES 2016 known by revealing an Android tablet and two Windows tablets. The company did not reveal when they would go on sale or for how much, though odds are answers will arrive soon.

Haier’s new SOS Connected smartwatch helps you keep tabs on kids and seniors with GPS

Haier's SOS Connected Smartwatch packs hardware and software features that help you to keep track of the ones you love, young and old. Availability and pricing have yet to be announced.

Archos announces the affordable and stylish Cobalt and Power smartphones at CES

Looking for a cool new phone on a budget. Check out the Archos Cobalt and Power smartphones. Both announced at CES, the Cobalt is all about style, while the Power provides you with amazing battery life.

Acer’s 8-inch HD Iconia One 8 tablet costs just $100, and it’s very kid-friendly

Acer has launched the Iconia One 8 Android tablet, which has an 8-inch HD screen, comes with a selection of special kid-friendly software and UI, and costs just $100. It's out in February.

Check out these five great new apps for to start off 2016 with a bang

Every week we parse through the various app stores so you don't have to go through the hassle. With the new year, take a look at Microsoft's Selfie app, or Neqtr, a new dating app for "socially conscious people," and more.

Looking forward to CES 2016? Here’s what to expect for smartphones and wearables 3:12

The Consumer Electronics Show is looming closer, and that means peering into a whole new world of products and gadgets. Here's what we can expect at the expo for smartphones and wearables.
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Instagram on Android gets features for ‘3D Touch’

Pressing a photo a little longer on Instagram for Android now gives users the previously Apple exclusive Force Touch features.
Product Review

Google Pixel C Review

Google’s Pixel C promises, but isn't prepared, to be your only laptop.

New listings show 4.99 inch OnePlus 2 Mini, and an Oppo phone with matching specs

A new TENAA listing describes what could be the OnePlus 2 Mini. The device has a 4.99-inch display and a 2GHz CPU, with 3GB of RAM. Interestingly enough, another device was also certified by TENAA, but it's an Oppo smartphone with matching…

Google schedules switch from Oracle’s Java to OpenJDK in next major Android update

After litigation with Oracle in the past few years, Google has announced plans to move from Java to Oracle's open-source OpenJDK in the next major update to Android, sometime next year.