Android Army

Just two megapixels and $40 turns any Android into a light field, 3D camera

The Eye-Plug may only add a 2-megapixel camera to Android smartphones, but don't scoff at the little dongle. The $40 accessory, introduced at Computex, can add 3D functionality and refocusing capabilities -- and therefore brings…
Health & Fitness

Forget counting steps: Reveal fitness tracker records stressors for autistic kids

Awake Labs has started an Indiegogo campaign for the Reveal, a fitness tracker aimed at tracking emotional triggers for autistic children. What this means is that these children and their caretakers can prevent meltdowns before they even…

Dude, where’s my car? Check out the best Android car apps

The right Android car app can show you everything from gas stations to speed traps, and record gas mileage and the occasional mechanical issue. Here are our current favorites.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus: Which flagship is best? 5:14

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6S Plus are two of the best smartphones of 2016. Both have their own set of perks, but which is better? Check out our comprehensive spec comparison for a closer look at their design, hardware…

Need a ruler for your tablet? Qeexo conjures virtual tools with natural gestures

Our brains just aren't very good at remembering dozens of different gesture controls, but we can all remember how to twist a dial or hold a mouse. There's a company that has come up with a way for use to use these gestures on a touchscreen.

OnePlus developed a smartwatch but scrapped plans to release it

OnePlus completed designs for a smartwatch, but in the end the company decided against releasing it to the public in order to remain more focused on its smartphone business, according to CEO Pete Lau.

Huawei is creating another Nexus smartphone, according to exec

According to a Huawei exec, the company is making a Nexus smartphone for the second year in a row, seemingly killing rumors that HTC would be doing two Nexus phones. Huawei previously made the Nexus 6P.

Samsung 837 will hold free concerts every Thursday this summer

Bored on a Thursday in New York City? On the rare occasion that you are, Samsung has got your back with free music concerts every Thursday this summer at Samsung 837 in the Meatpacking District.

OnePlus’ feel-good documentary goes behind the scenes of the OnePlus 2 launch

With just 11 days before the OnePlus 3 is unveiled in virtual reality, OnePlus has released a documentary that goes behind the scenes of its OnePlus 2 launch. The feel-good, 17-minute video features co-founder Carl Pei's more…

Do Ramadan like a boss with these 5 apps

The holy month of Ramadan is nearly upon us, and frankly, running around on an empty stomach is hard enough. That said, let these user-friendly apps take some of the stress out of your life during this holy month -- you'll never be late for…

The Asus ZenPouch will keep your phone dry while looking colorful

In a peculiar move, Asus unveiled the ZenPouch, a phone pouch that prevents your phone from getting wet. The ZenPouch will presumably be available sometime in the near future for an unspecified price.
Product Review

Razer Turret Review

Couches and keyboards still don't mix, even with Razer's clever Turret.