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HTC drops hints about a new Hero phone and plans for a major redesign

In a response to its weak start to 2015, HTC promised to improve its performance across the board. It may also release a new product this October. HTC didn't reveal details on the product, though.

Facebook Lite invites the next billion users in Asia, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere to join in

Facebook is turning its attention to developing mobile markets. Facebook Lite is a portal that runs on the weaker, cheaper hardware ubiquitous overseas.

ZTE’s stunning bezel-free Nubia Z9 is coming to the U.S. later this year

ZTE has finally announced the Nubia Z9, following on from the launch of the Z9 Max and Z9 Mini earlier in the year. The Z9 has a 2.5D almost bezel-less screen, and is powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor.

HTC’s latest Quad HD beast heads China, while the U.S. is stuck with the less powerful

Already with two Quad HD monsters in Asia, HTC saw fit to announce yet another one, the One ME. Dressed like the offspring of the One M9+ and One E9+, the One ME seems to be exclusive to China, though an India release is likely.

Tim Cook is right about privacy and encryption: We shouldn’t give them up for Google

Apple CEO Tim Cook declared privacy "a fundamental right," and touted Apple's record of encryption and respecting users' data. He criticized Google for data mining and the government for arguing against encryption.

How many calories are in that sundae? Google will tell you with the snap of a picture

Google's Im2Calories project is smart enough to calculate calories from mere pictures of food. It estimates size and matches positive IDs to a database of nutritional information.
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This glowing smart water bottle makes sure you stay hydrated all day long

Hidrate Inc, the company behind the water bottle, launched a Kickstarter campaign on June 1. The HidrateMe smart water will track how much you’re drinking and glows when you need to drink more.

Google sets photo spheres free with new Street View app and Google Maps support

All those cool photo spheres Android and iPhone users have been uploading to the Google View community will soon become a part of Google Maps. The photo spheres will be visible in the new Street View app.

Browse through funny pictures and GIFs with Imgur’s new Android app

Imgur, the popular image-sharing service, has released an all-new Android app that lets users create and share visual stories with friends. The company tested its Android app with 1,000 fans, and the feedback was extremely positive.

Data disaster averted! How to back up your Android smartphone to your PC

Oh no! You dropped your phone in the street. Then it was run over. Twice. What’s an Android aficionado to do in case like this? Like your mother once said, “Plan ahead.” Time to set up an Android backup.

Siri’s got some serious competition! SoundHound’s new voice assistant is super smart

SoundHound is launching its voice search app, Hound in private beta on Android. Hound provides fast results to what users ask for, such as looking up the weather, placing a phone and sending a text message
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Google adds live transit tracking to six locations on Google Maps

If you're wondering when your bus is going to arrive, you can check Google Maps. Google is rolling out live transit information in six locations: Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, the UK, the Netherlands, and Budapest.