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Health & Fitness

Smarten up your golf clubs with these little tags

These passive tags attach to the handle of your golf clubs and connect to Golf Pad GPS, the best golf scoring app available, where you can view your stats with each club at each hole.

LG’s G4 laughs in the face of water, after surviving 2 hours submerged in a sink

A YouTube user decided to see if the non-waterproof LG G4 can survive being submerged underwater for two hours. The results might or might not surprise you, though we wouldn't suggest dunking the G4 in your nearest pool.

You’ll be amazed at the smartphone $130 will buy you in China

Chinese smartphone brand Meizu has announced the M2 Note, and it's proof you don't have to spend a fortune to get a smartphone with an impressive on-paper spec.

You’re about to be able to unlock this humble ZTE phone with your eyes

ZTE is about to send out a software update for the Blade S6 smartphone that adds the Eyeprint ID eye scanning feature. With it installed, you'll be able to unlock the Blade S6 using a scan of your eyes.

Sony’s struggles in mobile continue as company reportedly lays off almost 1,000

Sony reportedly announced a recent round of job cuts in its mobile division, all of which target the workforce in Sweden. Overall, almost 1,000 employees will reportedly get the pink slip, with more job cuts likely to come.

Don’t want Google to track your Internet habits? There’s a website for that

Google's new My Accounts page aggregates the company's data collection across services. You can opt in or our of individual apps and programs, learn more about them, or delete profiles entirely.
Android Army

VoiceDial app adds hands-free voice dialing to Android devices, no cloud required

The new free VoiceDial app for Android smartphones and tablets learns a user's contact list and lets them make calls by voice without touching their device or using the cloud.

OnePlus One goes on one-week flash sale, but the OnePlus Two is still MIA

OnePlus announced the OnePlus One will have flash sales every day of this week. This is the only week to take advantage of those sales, however, so if you want a powerful Android smartphone on the cheap, this is your chance.

Hands on: Turning up the speed on time with Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app 0:25

Microsoft's new smooth timelapse tech called Hyperlapse is available in beta exclusively on Windows Phone and Android. We took the beta for a spin to find out how well it works at making videos
Home Theater

The E1Z pico projector from Asus eliminates the need for pesky HDMI adapters

The new E1Z pico projector from Asus eliminates the need for HDMI adapters -- you can plug your Android device right in. But it's a little barebones, especially compared to the competition.

Asus launches 8-inch ZenPad tablets, plans a 7-inch and a 10.1-inch version to follow

Asus has revealed four new tablets under the name ZenPad. There are three different screen size options, a 7-inch, a 10.1-inch, and two 8-inch models, but we only have details on the latter two at this early stage.

It’s-a-me, Droidio! Nintendo’s next-gen console may run Android

According to a rumor reported by Japanese newspaper The Nikkei, Nintendo's upcoming NX console could be "loaded with Android" in an effort to attract more third-party developers to Nintendo systems.