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Samsung’s metal Galaxy F now rumored for September launch (Updated)

Has the Galaxy S5 Prime reared its powerful head yet again? Said not to exist by Samsung, rumors of a premium version of the Galaxy S5 smartphone - which may end up being called the Galaxy F - just won't go away, so we're keeping track of…

Ingress, Google’s cool augmented reality game, gets an iOS release

Google's location-based game Ingress has finally been released for iOS, meaning Apple iPhone owners can join the Resistance or the Enlightened, and get in on the augmented reality fun.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 review.

FTC files lawsuit against Amazon about in-app purchases made by children

The FTC filed a lawsuit against Amazon, with the agency alleging that the e-commerce giant did wrong when it comes to in-app purchases. Read on to learn more about the lawsuit.

Court order threatens sales of Motorola devices in Germany, including the Moto X

Even though the Moto X just went on sale in Germany last week, a court order threatens to halt its sales, and of others Motorola devices, in the country. A company called LPKF alleged that Motorola infringed on one of its patents.

Samsung’s old app store is dead, replaced by the new Galaxy Apps store

Samsung is rebranding its own application store as Galaxy Apps. The new name will be used on your phone and online, and it accompanies an updated design along with new categories for apps which work best with Galaxy devices.

How do you get three times more battery life? With sand, of course!

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside were able to triple battery performance and battery lifespan. How? By using sand, of course!

Fleksy adds 15+ new languages to Android beta, plans 40 for iOS 8 launch

Fleksy keyboard added support for more than 15 languages to its Android beta. The company is also gearing up to launch an app for iOS 8 with support for 40 languages.

Yo app being used to alert Israelis of incoming missile attacks

Red Alert: Israel's creators have partnered with Yo in order to send notifications whenever there is a rocket, mortar, or missile strike in Israel. Read on to learn more about the partnership.

The LG G3 is fairly waterproof, even if it’s not rated for it

Even though LG did not give the G3 any sort of rating, a YouTube user found out that the handset is capable of standing up to a splash or two.

Warning: Factory resetting your Android phone may not delete everything

According to security firm Avast Software, factory resetting your Android smartphone doesn't delete all your personal data. The company was able to recover personal data from smartphones purchased on eBay.