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Reading Rainbow campaign breaks Kickstarter backer record

Reading Rainbow finished off its Kickstarter campaign with a record-breaking number of backers and $5.4 million in donations. The company will now make Android, iOS, Web, and other apps.

First Android Wear apps appear in Google Play Store

Android Wear is finally here and the first apps have made their way on to the Google Play Store. Now you can use brand-name apps like Duolingo and Level Money on your smartwatch.
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Amazon rejects FTC demands over in-app purchases, willing to take matter to court

Having dealt with Apple earlier this year on the matter of in-app purchases, the FTC is now demanding Amazon make changes to its practices regarding such purchases. However, the e-commerce giant insists everything's fine as it is…

Microsoft reportedly building Office for Android tablets, looking for testers

After the success of Office for iPad, which clocked up 12 million downloads in its first week, Microsoft is said to be working on a version for Android tablets for release later this year. And the company wants your help to test it.

Living in a smart home as imagined by Quirky’s Wink

Quirky aims to make connecting any home a breeze with its $50 Wink hub, free app, and partnership with the Home Depot. Some 60 products are already compatible with Wink and the company hopes to add many more in the near future.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 is coming to T-Mobile

T-Mobile will soon add the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 to its tablet offering, on the Simple Choice plan this July. The Uncarrier says its the perfect tablets for families on the go.

Google Cube is a six-sided psychedelic music video player

Google's latest experiment is a psychedelic music video player called Cube, which displays different videos on each of its six sides. You can play with the Cube on Chrome or Android.
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Google buys music streaming service Songza to beef up its own music offering

Competition in the music streaming space is heating up as Google announced on Tuesday it'd acquired Songza, a service which builds playlists based on a user's mood and location, among other things.

Samsung’s cheapest Galaxy phones now come with stripped down TouchWiz Essence UI

Samsung has introduced four new Galaxy smartphones - the Core 2, Ace 4, Young 2, and the Star 2 - all of which come with a cut down, simplified version of its user interface, called TouchWiz Essence.

Galaxy S5 Mini arrives with fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, and 4.5-inch display

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5 Mini, a smaller version of its latest flagship Android smartphone, which comes with both a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor, plus a more compact 4.5-inch screen.

Google bans skins and custom UIs from Android Wear

Google won't allow manufacturers to add custom UIs or skins to Android Wear, Android Auto, or Android TV. The three new operating systems will feature a more consistent design and functionality that's all Google.