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Insanely powerful, 4K, octa-core Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra leaks out

A leak has supposedly revealed the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra, a ridiculously large and powerful tablet possibly coming soon. Unless it's nothing more than a crazy spec wish list.

OnePlus releases powerful extended battery pack to celebrate its first birthday

OnePlus is a year old, and to celebrate it has announced the Power Bank, a massive 10000mAh extended battery pack, plus it has confirmed work on its own custom Android ROM for future phones.

Pebble’s new actionable notifications mimic Android Wear

Pebble firmware 2.3 introduces actionable notifications, which lets owners of Android 4.0+ devices interact with alerts straight from their wrist.

Receive Netflix recommendations from friends and play them with your smartwatch

Android device users, including those with smartwatches, can now recommend Netflix shows to friends via Facebook. There are even basic Netflix controls available for smartwatches

Xiaomi can sell smartphones in India again, but only if a Qualcomm chip is inside

The injunction brought about by Ericsson, forcing Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi to stop selling, advertising, manufacturing, or importing devices in India, has been temporarily lifted

Long-awaited Google Now voice controls might soon be coming to Nest

Based on some recently discovered features, it appears that Nest will soon integrate with Google Now, making temperature adjustments possible via spoken commands on your smartphone.

Google’s Nexus 9 is $100 off if you add it to a two-year contract at AT&T

HTC is making its return to tablets with Google. The two have partnered up for the Nexus 9, the first Nexus device with a 64-bit processor. Here's what we know about the new tablet, available for order October 17.

Google Fit tracks your steps offline and logs 100 more activities

Google Fit received a big update, which allows for offline step tracking and supports 100 new activities. The app also works on Android Wear now, so users can go exercise with their smartwatch only, while keeping tabs on activity levels.
Android Army

You can now officially download YouTube for Android videos, as long as you’re in Asia

If you live in India, Indonesia, or the Philippines, you can now download YouTube videos to watch later. However, there are some catches, such as a 48-hour time limit and the functionality being region-specific.

Vsenn’s modular smartphone will let you swap operating systems

Finnish startup Vsenn, founded by a former Nokia project manager, is producing a modular smartphone to take on Google's Project Ara. It promises owners will be able to upgrade many aspects of the phone, from the screen size to the OS.

Cheeky Amazon forced into launching new, stripped down Android app

After Amazon sneaked its own Android app store into the Play Store, Google changed its policy to force its removal. Amazon has replaced it with a stripped down alternative shopping app.

Huawei plays with fire, plans Honor 6 Plus smartphone launch for December 16

Huawei has a new phone to launch next week, and it's almost certain to be called the Honor 6 Plus, and be a larger, more capable version of the recently launched Honor 6. Sound familiar?