Android Army

Sony unveils Xperia E5, XA Dual, and X Dual, midrange phones set to debut overseas

Sony's unveiled new, mid-range Xperia smartphones bound for developing markets later this year: the Xperia E5, XA Dual, and X Dual. They're a bit pricey for what you get.

Qualcomm’s second Snapdragon Wear chip Is more efficient

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon Wear 1100, the second chip in its Snapdragon Wear lineup. This one is more power efficient, and it's meant for more targeted devices, such as wearables for children and the elderly.

Mophie cuts the cord with its first wireless charging iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 cases

Looking to cut the charging cable? Mophie's latest charging case not only offers backup battery and wireless charging, but also magnetically connects to its base, meaning that you don't have to take the time to clip your phone into a base.

This $270 smartphone looks awesome, but the company is playing hard to get

Lenovo-backed spin-off brand Zuk has announced the Z2, a smartphone with a great spec and a low price, but annoyingly it hasn't said the phone will follow in the Z1's footsteps and launch internationally.

Asus goes big, real big, with new ZenFone 3 line-up

Asus has launched not one but three new models of ZenFone 3, and the largest is big enough to be a tablet. The phones boast high-end cameras, integrated antenna design, and the latest Snapdragon processors.

Best apps of the week: WRIO Keyboard, Flare by GoDaddy, and more

Enjoying the long weekend? We've got apps for you to download, ranging from GoDaddy's plan to get your ideas off the ground, to a chatbot from Foursquare that predicts where you want to eat.
Virtual Reality

Samsung shows off a 4K virtual reality display

Samsung was present at the Display Week conference in San Francisco, CA this week. Aside from its usual selection, there were a few VR specific displays. Most exciting, of course, is the prospect of 4K displays.

There isn't much support for the Senate's anti-encryption laws

While certain members of the Senate have pushed hard for anti-encryption laws that would allow the government to spy on users, it seems as though those bills are on the way out, with most of the bills support gone.

Jawbone reportedly stops production of its fitness trackers

It looks like Jawbone is in a bit of trouble. According to recent reports, the company has ceased production of its fitness trackers. This follows reports that Jawbone was trying to sell its speaker business.

ZTE will open its own stores around the world so you can buy its phones (and more)

In a quest to increase customer awareness, ZTE plans to open stores around the world by the end of 2016. The stores will focus on selling the company's smartphones and other products.

Google Photos is one year old — here’s what’s next for it

Google Photos has reached its one-year anniversary, and what a year it has been for the service. To celebrate, the team from Photos has shared some favorite tips and tricks on using the service.

Google’s iOS app revs up to high speeds, thanks to Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Google app for iOS is getting a few improvements. The latest update improves the speed of searches, and adds sports highlights and keyboard shortcuts for iPad users with an external keyboard.