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Your next Android phone is about to have quite a bit less bloatware from Google

Google announced it will no longer require Android phone manufacturers to preinstall Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Games, and Google+ on their phones if they want to install one of Google's other apps.

Take a stroll down memory lane with this new Google Photos feature

We capture so many photos, but how often do you look back at the older ones? Well Google Photos has a new opt-in feature that will remind you of some of the great photos you have taken over the years.

Android Wear’s interactive watch faces give you the info you need quicker than ever

Finding out the weather or your next appointment was never easier. Google is rolling out an update to all Android Wear smartwatches that will enable you to tap complications on watch faces to get information or open apps.

Jeb Bush supports NSA expansion and opposes encryption

Jeb Bush spoke up in favor of the NSA, saying he would support its expansion. He also criticized tech companies for not providing access to encrypted data. He argued that data collection helps keep Americans safe.
Android Army

Sony’s back with the new SmartBand 2 fitness band, and this time it has a heart rate sensor

Sony has announced the SmartBand 2, the sequel to its original fitness band, that comes with several new features including a heart rate monitor, plus a new strap design. It's ready to go on sale in September.

Major League Baseball is totally OK with having an Apple Watch in the dugout

It was believed that Major League Baseball forbade Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost from having his Apple Watch in the dugout. However, a spokesperson clarified that MLB is fine with it, as long as it's not used for cheating.

Two unannounced LG smartwatches show up at the FCC, one with pictures in tow

LG and Verizon have something cooking up. Recent FCC filings show two unannounced LG smartwatches that are compatible with Big Red's network. The FCC was even nice enough to include a few pictures, too.

Intel brings RealSense 3D image sensing to Project Tango

A new partnership between Google and Intel will infuse Google's 3D-mapping initiative, Project Tango, with Intel's RealSense 3D camera. The combination will be available to developers later this year so they can start building with the new…

Take a break and download our top 10 free Android apps for August 1:37

The Google Play Store is chock full of great apps, but it can be hard to decide what to download. We browsed through a bunch of awesome apps to find the best ones you should try out this month

Samsung Galaxy O rumors: ‘O’ might be for Oculus, if it’s a virtual reality device

If you thought Samsung's smartphone lineup was already confusing, just wait until the Galaxy O launches. The SM-G550 and SM-G600 are said to be the Galaxy O5 and Galaxy O7. What could the Galaxy O be?

What’s your favorite emoji? SwiftKey’s ‘United States of Emoji’ map reveals our habits

SwiftKey analyzed user data to see which emoji are most popular in each state of the U.S. and got some entertaining results. Vermont uses the poop emoji more than any other state, and California is a fan of the taxi emoji.