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Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Review

Motorola’s Droid Turbo 2 may be shatterproof, but its design drops the ball.

Software, not hardware, reportedly to blame for Samsung’s latest woes

According to several unnamed sources, software, and not necessarily hardware, is to blame for Samsung's recent woes. The company has acknowledged this, and is now focusing on software innovations.

Check out the top 5 new apps you should download this week

Watch your temper with Swing Copters 2, the latest from the Flappy Bird developer, or take a trip to somewhere far away with Ascape VR — no virtual reality headset needed! Here are five apps to download this week.
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Apple wants to squeeze $180 million more from rival Samsung in another patent battle

Earlier this month, Apple won a protracted patent battle with Samsung that ended with the Korean device manufacturer coughing up $548 million into the iPhone maker’s coffers. Now Apple is asking a U.S. court to force Samsung to pay an…

Try out these 10 Android Wear watch faces

Customizing your watch face is a big part of Android Wear, but it can be a little tough to find one worth placing on your wrist. Here are 10 watch faces to check out from the Google Play store.

Which smartphone OS wins 2015? Android Marshmallow vs. iOS 9 vs. Windows 10 Mobile

What’s the best smartphone platform of them all? We take a detailed look at the differences between the top three and try to pick a winner for various categories. Who will come out on top as we pit Android against iOS and Windows Phone?
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Store movies on your projector — the JmGO View has a secret stash

JmGO View is a sleek projector with built-in storage and operating system, dismissing the need to bring along an extra storage unit.

Cases leaked for the Galaxy S7 — no USB Type-C in sight

With recent rumors suggesting the Galaxy Note models will be ditched in favor of Galaxy Note Plus, new leaks give credit to the rumors. And in the leaked images there's no USB Type-C to be seen.

LG says it sold 450,000 V10 units in its first 45 days of availability

According to LG, the company managed to sell 450,000 V10 units in the U.S. during its first 45 days of availability. This was reason enough to celebrate for a company that had a mediocre 2015.

5 annoying Nexus 6P problems, and how to fix them

The Nexus 6P is by far the best Google Nexus phone we have ever used, but unfortunately it has a few issues. We have compiled the top problems that Nexus 6P owners are facing and how to workaround or fix them.

Samsung introduces the biggest addition yet to the Galaxy A series

The Samsung Galaxy A series isn't as well known as the Galaxy S, Note, and Edge models, but they are some of the nicest phones you will ever hold in your hand. The Galaxy A9 is Samsung's next chapter in the A series.