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Bxi 2.0 controller senses motion, displays notifications, responds to voice commands

The new Bixi 2.0 controller, a product of French startup Bluemint Labs, packs an E Ink Screen and support for Alexa Voice Commands. It's expected to launch before the end of this year.

The Redux brings your soaked smartphone back to life with clever science

The Redux brings wet smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more back to life with a bit of clever science. It lowers the boiling point of water, effectively vaporizing the moisture within.

Google’s Toontastic 3D app teaches kids the basics of animation

Google's new Toontastic 3D app lets kids create animations with the help of themes, backdrops, narration, and other tools. It's available free for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Buy Huawei's superb Mate 9 now in the U.S. and the U.K.

Huawei has a brand-new flagship phablet phone: The Mate 9. Here's everything you need to know about it, including where you can buy one, plus news of all its spin-off phones like the gorgeous Mate 9 Porsche Design.

Gmail to get handy new features that should be familiar to Google Inbox users

Google is currently rolling out an update to the Android version of Gmail, bringing some handy new features from Inbox, such as the ability to snooze emails, as well as create reminders for emails.

Wileyfox's Swift 2 X smartphone pads lineup with Full HD display

Wileyfox, a British smartphone manufacturer, has expanded its relatively new Swift 2 lineup of devices with a third option -- the Swift 2 X. The Swift 2 X will be Wileyfox's most expensive smartphone to date at about $216.

Nvidia was developing the SHIELD Portable 2, but it’s likely been shelved

FCC documents show that Nvidia was working on a SHEILD Portable 2 -- way back in June. A release seems unlikely, especially considering the fact that the device was only listed on the FCC website because a confidentiality request expired.
Product Review

LeEco Le S3 Review

LeEco’s Le S3 would be the ultimate $250 phone if it weren’t for the software.

FCC concludes that AT&T and Verizon’s policies violate net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission concluded in a detailed report that AT&T and Verizon violated net neutrality rules by exempting first-party products from subscribers' data plans.

Leaked press render appears to show design of Lenovo Moto G5 Plus in full

The upcoming Lenovo Moto G5 and G5 Plus won't be launched for at least a few more months, but rumors about it are already surfacing. Here's everything we know about the upcoming phone so far.

Video claims to show 'Nokia 8' with Snapdragon 821, Snapdragon 835 processors

Rumor has it that up to seven Android handsets bearing the Nokia brand name will be released in 2017. Rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming devices have been gradually appearing.

Google is rolling out a new version of AMP optimized for low-memory devices

Google has announced AMP Cache and AMP Lite, two speed-focused additions to the search giant's Accelerated Mobile Pages platform. They're aimed at improving web page load times on slow internet connections and low-power devices.