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Amazon Fire Phone goes on sale yet again for $200 unlocked with 1 year of Prime

Amazon is having yet another Fire Phone sale, with the unlocked variant going for just $200. When you consider the specifications, as well as the newly-gained ability to sideload the


5 of the worst problems with Android Wear watches, and how to fix them

Having problems with your Android Wear device? Smartwatch not acting so smart? We've got a roundup of common Android Wear problems for you right here, along with advice on how to fix them or work around.


Android photographers can sell photos on Snapwire via new native app

Snapwire, a stock photo agency that is leveraging the increasing use of mobile devices among photographers, has launched its app for Android. The app allows Android users to connect with buyers, and sell their photos.


LG will probably pass on MWC launch for G4, but it may throw in some new wearables

The LG G4 smartphone may be the company's flagship Android phone for 2015, but what will it look like, and how will it trump the excellent G3? We've gathered together all the news and rumors on the phone to keep you informed.


HP’s new Pro Slate tablets come with a cool stylus that digitizes words onto the screen

Hewlett Packard's new Android-based Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 tablets come with a pleasant surprise: a Duet Pen stylus. This clever tool digitizes what's written on another surface, right onto the screen of the tablet.


FDA decides to regulate some wearables, as Apple Watch launch looms

The FDA has finalized a list of guidelines to determine which wearables will face regulatory scrutiny and which will not. Based on the guidelines, it appears most wearables will not face regulation.


This Japanese phone shows us what a network exclusive device should be like

Japanese network KDDI has announced the Infobar A03 smartphone, an exclusive device produced with the help of several top designers. Compact and stylish, it should be the template for all own-brand smartphones in the future.


Samsung’s grip on the Chinese market slipped ever so slightly in 2014

Samsung's loosened grip on the Chinese market in 2014 shouldn't come as a huge surprise, seeing how the company already had a less-than-stellar overall 2014. While Samsung is still on top, its lead has been trimmed tremendously.


OnePlus One ditches invite-only system for a few hours

Tomorrow, for only two hours, anyone can purchase the OnePlus One without the need for an invite. You can either grab the 16GB Silk White version or 64GB Sandstone Black variant.


5 Android keyboards that will have you texting faster than a 13-year-old

We did the research and found keyboards for Android that don't just work efficiently and look good, but also have a history of user security and robust privacy policies so you can feel confident trusting them with all of your typing.


No more charging cradles: Samsung’s round smartwatch may support wireless charging

Samsung may introduce its first round smartwatch at Mobile World Congress 2015, which takes place in early March. The device may sport a rotating bezel and a crown-shaped power button. Here's everything we think we know about it so far.


Thanks Google, I just spent $1,500 on a project you abandoned

Thanks Google, I just spent $1500 on the Glass project you've shut down, without a word on whether it's about to become a useless tangle of metal on my face.

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Sprint adds the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to its Lease program

Sprint announced two new additions to its Lease program, the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The G3 will be offered for $15 a month, while the Galaxy Note 4 will go for $25 a month.


Need 100 cases of Bud Light in less than an hour? There’s an app for that

Perhaps the ultimate dream for football tailgaters and college frat boys everywhere, a new app from Anheuser-Busch will bring Bud Light right to your door with just a couple taps on your smartphone.


Alongside its new smartphones, Xiaomi also reveals the Mi Box Mini and Mi Headphones

Along with the company's two new smartphones, Xiaomi also announced two new accessories: the Mi Box Mini and Mi Headphones. The Mi Box Mini is an incredibly small set-top box, while the Mi Headphones let you change the covers.

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