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Watch out, Alexa: You can now make purchases on Google Home

While Google Assistant may have the leg up on contextual search capabilities, Amazon's Alexa has enjoyed a strong lead on the ability to make purchases. Google is catching up fast, though, as you can now make purchases via Google Home.

BlackBerry sues Nokia, alleging networking patent infringement

Two former smartphone kings, Nokia and BlackBerry, are now embroiled in a lawsuit involving patents relating to networking gear. BlackBerry filed suit, claiming that Nokia is infringing on 11 patents,

IBM, The Weather Company launch mesh-powered app for internet-poor regions

IBM and The Weather Company have pioneered a mesh network technology capable of delivering real-time alerts to smartphone users in developing nations. It's launching in the coming weeks.
Product Review

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review

Blame it on the bokeh: Xiaomi’s Mi5S Plus is frustratingly close to being a winner.

Faster than a bullet? ZTE’s going full speed ahead with the Gigabit Phone at MWC

ZTE will announce a new smartphone at Mobile World Congress, which it's calling the Gigabit Phone. It takes its name from an ability to achieve download speeds of up to 1Gbps. Here's everything you need to know.

Nokia announces the return of the legendary 3310

Smartphone maker Nokia (by way of HMD Global) will relaunch the famed 3310 at a February event in Barcelona, Spain. The durable, long-lasting smartphone is expected to retail for the equivalent of $62.

Google’s virus-scanning Verify Apps feature for Android now reveals its secrets

Verify Apps, the Android tool that checks new and installed software against a list of known malware, is now a little more transparent about what it's scanning. The update's appearing for some Android device users.

Nearly 1.5 billion smartphones were sold in 2016, a 5 percent increase from 2015

The Galaxy Note 7 is still hurting Samsung. Apple has surpassed the South Korean giant in selling more smartphones globally in 2016's fourth quarter. It's a thin lead -- it only sold 256,000 more than Samsung's 76.78 million units.

The Google Assistant can now call up personal info via Allo

The Google Assistant, Google's eponymous personal helper, can now call up and share info in the Allo app for Android. It's the first of Google's platforms to gain the new features.

Got an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch? You can finally use it to hail an Uber ride

Attention Android Wear smartwatch owners -- you can finally hail an Uber from your wrist. Support for the Wear app was announced at I/O 2015, but it has taken the ride-booking company a whopping 21 months to deliver.

Common Google Pixel problems and the solutions to deal with them

Google's latest smartphone -- the Pixel -- may be running new hardware, but it still has its fair share of problems. Thankfully, we've rounded up some of the more common issues, along with a few solutions for addressing them.

Goodbye static backgrounds: Our favorite free live wallpapers for Android

Tired of traditional Android wallpapers that serve as nothing more than bland backdrops? Well, these live wallpapers will add a little finesse to your Android device without draining your phone's battery.