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Sony may unveil follow-ups to Xperia X, Xperia XA at Mobile World Congress

Sony is gearing up to launch a new Xperia X and Xperia XA, its first phones of 2017. Here's everything we know about their hardware, design, nuances, availability, and pricing so far.

Google confirms Pixel audio bugs will be squashed in a future update

Pixel and Pixel XL users have been reporting static at high volumes since late last year, and it seems Google will soon deliver a solution. The company responded to customers, saying it's a software issue.

Sonos' smart speakers could one day integrate with all digital assistants

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have eaten into Sonos' market, but that doesn't mean the company is holding a grudge. Newly minted Sonos CEO Patrick Spence wants Sonos' speakers to play nice with all the new digital…

FCC certification means Samsung Galaxy J7 may be coming to the U.S. after all

The Samsung Galaxy J7 was first released in 2016, and was one of Samsung's best midrange devices. Now, it looks like the phone will be getting a refresh for 2017. Here's everything we know about the upcoming phone so far.

OneDrive for Android takes the hassle out of deleting backed-up photos

Microsoft's OneDrive for Android is getting a new feature that should help make file management a little easier -- now, the app will ask users if they want to delete photos that have been backed up.

At urging of aides, President Trump gives up his personal smartphone

The Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has traded his personal smartphone -- reportedly a Samsung Galaxy phone -- for a "secure" alternative with limited calling and internet capabilities.

Top 5 Android security apps: Do they protect you?

We analyze the features and reliability of the top five Android security and antivirus apps currently available from Avast, Sophos, AVL, Avira, and Trend Micro. We look at malware detection, performance, and the other security features they…

Samsung's Galaxy J2 Ace will leave your wallet mostly intact

Samsung announced the Galaxy J2 Ace, which looks to occupy the low-end smartphone space. The phone is available for purchase in India, though it might see a release in other regions.

Rumor says Asus is plotting high-specification Zenfone 4 range for 2017

Asus released several smartphones under the Zenfone 3 name during 2016 and even early 2017, but rumors are spreading it'll replace the range with new Zenfone 4 devices in May 2017. Here's what we think we know about them so far.

Google is about to shut down legacy versions of its Drive apps suite

If you're running old versions of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android or iOS, you'll need to update soon -- Google is shutting down legacy versions of the apps, and won't let you keep using them for much longer.

Leak shows what could be one of two Sony phones rumored for MWC launch

According to recent reports, MWC 2017 may be a big show for Sony. In fact, the company may release two new phones at the event, one of which is rumored to be the follow-up to last year's Xperia X.

The smartphone-powered YO Sperm Kit lets you test in the comfort of your home

Male fertility tests aren't always the most comfortable affairs, but the FDA-approved, smartphone-powered YO Sperm Test kit makes it a little less awkward than it otherwise might be.