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Honor’s S1 watch can’t rival the Huawei Watch, but it has plenty of fitness tracking smarts

Honor, the smartphone brand known for high quality devices with low price tags, has announced the Honor S1, a fitness-orientated smartwatch that will cost around $100 when it goes on sale.

Here come the lawsuits: Class action launched against Samsung over Note 7 debacle

Samsung probably won't be surprised to learn that several former Galaxy Note 7 owners in the U.S. are planning to launch a class-action lawsuit in connection with the recent debacle surrounding the now-defunct handset.

Want a smaller version of the LG V20? It's called the LG V34 Isai Beat

LG released a new version of the V20 in Japan, called the V34 Isai Beat. But what makes the device special? Not only does it feature a more compact 5.2-inch display, but it also has IP67 waterproofing.

Join the Apple club with our complete guide to switching from Android to iOS

If Android simply isn’t cutting it for you anymore, then you might be considering Apple’s warm embrace. Here’s how to make the switch from Android to iOS without losing your contacts, sleep, or hair!

100 awesome Android apps that will turn your phone into a jack of all trades

We've completely overhauled our Android apps list. Here are 100 apps we're certain you'll use every day. We've got apps for every category, whether you're into music, photo editing, or the ins and outs of financing.

The most unstable version of the Chrome browser is now available on Android

The most unstable version of Google's Android browser, Chrome Canary, has finally come to mobile devices. It's publicly available, for souls with the courage to brave its unpredictable waters.

Print photos straight from your smartphone with HP's pocket-size Sprocket

HP has released the Sprocket, a pocket-size printer that lets you print photos from your smartphone while on the go. Through the companion app, you can print photos from Facebook, Flickr, and more.

The Galaxy S8 may be Samsung’s only premium smartphone for 2017, report says

Samsung may be cutting the Galaxy Note from its smartphone lineup in 2017, according to recent reports. Instead, the S8 will be its only premium phone for next year, a move that makes sense considering what has happened to the Note line.

Everyone's dual-cam crazy! The Honor 6X is the next phone to join the fun

On October 18, the Honor 6X was launched at a press event that was held in China. The new phone shows off dual rear cameras, a 5.5-inch 1080p display, and a metal unibody.

Electric Objects delivers curated digital artwork to your living room wall

Electric Objects, a startup specializing in curated artwork, wants to deliver curated artwork to a digital picture frame on your wall. It's launching new hardware and a new subscription service to further those ends.
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