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Who needs Google Glass? A 13-year-old boy just created his own eyewear

13-year-old Clay Haight created his own version of Google Glass using parts from his Arduinos, as well as a 3D-printed frame. With it, he can check his schedule, find out the temperature and weather, and even pull up a map of his surroundings, all using his…

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4G HTC Desire 610 coming to AT&T on July 25, and it’s yours for $200 without a contract

AT&T will start selling the new HTC Desire 610 on its prepaid GoPhone network from July 25, where it'll cost a reasonable $200. The phone originally launched back in February at Mobile World Congress.


Samsung Gear Live review

We review the Gear Live, Samsung’s first watch running Android Wear. Does it finally give you a reason to buy a smartwatch? No, and here’s why.

  • Pros: Sharp, bright OLED screen, Less hideous than competitors
  • Cons: More novel than useful, Unreliable voice input, Design still…

Google hopes to boost army of Android developers with free online course

In a bid to boost its army of Android app developers, Google has launched its latest resource – a free online course showing developers new to the mobile platform how to design and build new apps.

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Grab your popcorn: Blackphone and BlackBerry are having a little spat

Last week, BlackBerry blasted Blackphone, saying it has "consumer-grade" security that doesn't stand up to BlackBerry's enterprise-grade security. Blackphone responded in kind through a blog post of its own.


InkCase Plus adds E Ink display to your Android smartphone

Oaxis launched a Kickstarter project for a new case that adds an e-ink display to your Android smartphone. The InkCase Plus aims to increase battery life and make it easier to read and view notifications in the sun.


Developers with ideas for Project Ara modules invited to submit them to Google

Google is getting ever closer to making its Project Ara modular smartphone a reality. Now, it is inviting developers to get in touch with their module ideas, and will send a development board to those with the best concepts.


Looking for a better way to use Android Wear? Try the Wear Mini Launcher

Android Wear is largely controlled by voice commands, but users still need to navigate through apps by hand now and then. The Wear Mini Launcher aims to help smartwatch users find their apps faster on Android Wear devices.


13 glitches and bugs with the Moto G, and how to fix them

It’s the best budget smartphone around, but that doesn’t mean that the Moto G is perfect. We take a look at the most commonly reported Moto G problems and try to identify workarounds and solutions


Samsung’s metal Galaxy F now rumored for September launch (Updated)

Has the Galaxy S5 Prime reared its powerful head yet again? Said not to exist by Samsung, rumors of a premium version of the Galaxy S5 smartphone - which may end up being called the Galaxy F - just won't go away, so we're keeping track of them all here.


Ingress, Google’s cool augmented reality game, gets an iOS release

Google's location-based game Ingress has finally been released for iOS, meaning Apple iPhone owners can join the Resistance or the Enlightened, and get in on the augmented reality fun.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 review

Samsung has released a true iPad Mini competitor with the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. The Super AMOLED display, high-end specs, and consistent design make it one of the best 7-to-8-inch…

  • Pros: Gorgeous Super AMOLED screen, Thinner and lighter than the…
  • Cons: Occasional app launch delays, Not dust/water-resistant like…

FTC files lawsuit against Amazon about in-app purchases made by children

The FTC filed a lawsuit against Amazon, with the agency alleging that the e-commerce giant did wrong when it comes to in-app purchases. Read on to learn more about the lawsuit.


Court order threatens sales of Motorola devices in Germany, including the Moto X

Even though the Moto X just went on sale in Germany last week, a court order threatens to halt its sales, and of others Motorola devices, in the country. A company called LPKF alleged that Motorola infringed on one of its patents.


Samsung’s old app store is dead, replaced by the new Galaxy Apps store

Samsung is rebranding its own application store as Galaxy Apps. The new name will be used on your phone and online, and it accompanies an updated design along with new categories for apps which work best with Galaxy devices.