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Motorola shares Android 6.0 upgrade plans, snubs 2014 Moto X and 2015 Moto E owners

Motorola disappointed some of its customers and lost a measure of trust with potential customers with its recent announcement of devices it plans to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

ZTE marketing director claims Huawei Nexus 6P is a ZTE Grand S ripoff

When was the last time that a new smartphone launched that didn't look similar to another phone? If you thought the Nexus 6P was unique, think again. ZTE thinks it's a Grand S ripoff. Should they have a beef with Huawei?

Xiaomi’s claim that its phones are ‘the best’ ends in an investigation

Xiaomi finds itself in trouble with the Beijing Ministry of Industry and Commerce over the company's use of the term "the best" on its website. Using the term could be in violation of China's new ad law, which penalizes such superlatives in…

LG unveils the V10, a dual-screen flagship with twin front cameras for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile 3:41

LG took the wraps off its V10 smartphone, which, in addition to sporting dual screens, packs twin front-facing shooters and high-end hardware. LG also teased the LG Urbane 2nd Edition, its latest smartwatch.

Google claims Apple Music snubbed invite to Chromecast Audio

Apple apparently snubbed Google's invitation to work on support for Chromecast Audio, its new device capable of making any speaker mobile-friendly. A Google rep confirmed that it did offer Apple some help, but didn't receive a response.

Everything you need to know about Stagefright 2.0, Android’s newest security threat

If the Stagefright hack didn't scare you, Stagefright 2.0 definitely will. It affects nearly 1.4 billion Android devices worldwide. Hackers can take control of your device with a simple MP3 audio or MP4 video file containing malicious code.

Get a close look at LG’s new 4G LTE Watch Urbane, the watch that’ll replace your phone

LG has announced a follow-up to the Watch Urbane, and although it looks relatively similar, it has a big surprise inside -- its own SIM card and 4G LTE, so it can be used entirely independently of your phone.

Nexus 6P vs Nexus 6: Meet the new boss

Google's Nexus 6 was an impressive device, but how does it compare with the recently-announced Nexus 6P? Check out our in-depth spec comparison for a closer look at the hardware and software powering both devices.

LG’s new V10 has two screens, manual video, and will survive a drop

Many love the LG G4 for its manual camera mode and impressive spec sheet, but LG’s got yet another flagship for creative called the LG V10. It has most of the same specs on the G4, but a few special features.

Forget about the Snapdragon 810, here's the first teaser for a Snapdragon 820 smartphone

LeTV, a Chinese company that has only started producing smartphones this year, is already teasing its next major release -- which will be built around the exciting new Snapdragon 820 processor, if the teaser image is anything to go by.