Android Army

Gmail for Android now supports Exchange accounts for everyone

Now, adding Microsoft Exchange accounts in Gmail is no longer restricted to a handful of devices. Google has enabled support for all Android devices. The update is still rolling out in phases, so it may be a while until you can download it…

Here's how you can get the newest emojis on your smartphone

Texting isn't the same without emojis. Since iOS unveiled a new collection of emojis, everyone wants in on the fun. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the special characters on your iOS device or Android.

LG is trademarking a bunch of odd ‘X’ names, but why?

LG has trademarked a collection of interesting new product names in South Korea. They are the LG X Suit, X Slim, X Skin, and X Classic. What could they be? We've got everything we think we know about them right here.

Starbucks has an emoji keyboard, so send a Frappuccino with that smiley face

Starbucks has added another app to its arsenal, and this time it's an emoji keyboard app, ready for installation on Android or iOS devices. Now it's easy to say it with a Starbucks emoji.

More than one dual-lens Honor V8 smartphone rumored, but none may get Leica's approval

Huawei may not be limiting its amazing new dual camera system just to the P9. It may bring it to spin-off brand Honor and fit it to the apparently forthcoming Honor V8. Here's everything we think we know about the phone.

Lingohop wants to make language learning personal, relevant to you

Lingohop is a new language-learning platform that launched on Kickstarter. It works through four-minute lessons based on topics you choose, and aims to teach you a language through relevant conversations you want to have.

BlackBerry is finally giving up on smartphones and focusing on enterprise software

BlackBerry has been flailing in the smartphone business since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, but it looks like the company is finally turning its attention toward another market: enterprise software.

Le who? This Chinese company wants to take over the U.S. with its phones, TVs, and more

A relatively unknown Chinese company called LeEco has designs on the U.S. smartphone market. We spoke with its marketing manager to find out how it plans to conquer the Americas, and to check out the flagship phone that may lead the charge.

Chase Bank’s Android app lets you log in with a tap of the finger

Chase Bank has added fingerprint authentication support for Android 6.0 and higher devices, making it easier to log in. The move follows Bank of America's recent update that extended its fingerprint support to all Android devices 6.0 and…

$15,000 smartphone coming in May puts tech before bling

Sirin Labs is the latest name in the niche, ultra-expensive smartphone world. It plans to release a $15,000 device in May, that will concentrate on technology rather than blinged-up luxury.

Phones don’t get much bigger than Xiaomi’s whopping, rumored Mi Max

Xiaomi has started teasing the announcement of a new phone. A really big new phone. It's called the Mi Max, and the screen size may be larger than 6-inches, bridging the gap between its current largest phone and the Mi Pad 2 tablet.