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Gfycat makes it easier for developers to make GIFs a part of their apps

Gfycat, one of the world's largest online GIF libraries, has launched a software developer kit that will tap into its growing collection of animated images. It's launching first with messaging app

The MotherBox Mini, launching on Indiegogo, can charge your phone wirelessly

The MotherBox, the brainchild of Columbia University-backed startup Yank Technologies, promises to imbue your phone with wireless charging capabilities. It's launching on Indiegogo.

Google, Telenor to bring RCS messaging to more than 200 million subscribers

Google announced that it would partner with Telenor to roll out Rich Communication Services support for the carrier's more than 200 million subscribers. Rich Client Messaging will begin rolling out in the coming weeks.

Don’t touch that outlet: Public chargers could let hackers steal your data

Security researchers have discovered clever methods that could allow hackers to disguise data-mining computers as public chargers. The attacks are frighteningly easy to execute on a mass scale.
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Malicious hackers could exploit flaws in Android for Work to nab sensitive data

Two key flaws in Android for Work's security could allow an unscrupulous hacker to gain access to sensitive data. They were first demonstrated at the 2016 RSA conference in San Francisco.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: News and rumors

Xiaomi's Mi Mix smartphone is just a taste of what's to come in smartphone design -- a large, gorgeous display with next-to-no bezels. The Mi Mix only came out last fall, but Xiaomi may already be working on a successor.

14 tips for a thriving Fallout Shelter 2:54

The wasteland can be an unfriendly place, assuming you don't know what you're doing! Here are 14 tips that will help your vault thrive in' Fallout Shelter.'

Watch out, Alexa: You can now make purchases on Google Home

While Google Assistant may have the leg up on contextual search capabilities, Amazon's Alexa has enjoyed a strong lead on the ability to make purchases. Google is catching up fast, though, as you can now make purchases via Google Home.

BlackBerry sues Nokia, alleging networking patent infringement

Two former smartphone kings, Nokia and BlackBerry, are now embroiled in a lawsuit involving patents relating to networking gear. BlackBerry filed suit, claiming that Nokia is infringing on 11 patents,

IBM, The Weather Company launch mesh-powered app for internet-poor regions

IBM and The Weather Company have pioneered a mesh network technology capable of delivering real-time alerts to smartphone users in developing nations. It's launching in the coming weeks.
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Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review

Blame it on the bokeh: Xiaomi’s Mi5S Plus is frustratingly close to being a winner.

Faster than a bullet? ZTE’s going full speed ahead with the Gigabit Phone at MWC

ZTE will announce a new smartphone at Mobile World Congress, which it's calling the Gigabit Phone. It takes its name from an ability to achieve download speeds of up to 1Gbps. Here's everything you need to know.