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LG G6 Review

The LG G6 sets a new standard in smartphone design.

YouTube may be letting anyone live-stream straight from their phone

It seems as though YouTube is opening up live-streaming to a much wider range of people, according to recent reports. A number of users with less than 10,000 subscribers are reporting being able to live-stream through YouTube.

Angry customers file class-action suit against LG over G4, V10 bootloop issues

Plaintiffs in a new class-action suit against LG claim the company knew about bootloop issues plaguing owners of the G4 and V10. Interestingly enough, LG did know about an earlier issue with the Nexus 5X, and offered customers a refund.

This mystery Asus tablet may offer 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage

Asus may be prepping a new device -- an Asus-branded tablet has showed up on GFXBench with some very interesting specs. For example, a 2.1GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and a cool 64GB of storage.

Xiaomi Mi 6 may launch with Snapdragon 821 instead of Snapdragon 835

Xiaomi's 2016 Mi 5 flagship smartphone was expected to debut at Mobile World Congress in February, but the latest rumors suggest we might not see the hotly anticipated device until May.

If bokeh effect selfies are your thing, you'll love the new Huawei P10 Lite

Huawei has announced the P10 Lite, a less expensive version of the new P10, with a few of the flagship phone's best features removed. That doesn't mean it's not worth investigating, though.

Maker of a $14,000 super-secure phone gets cold feet after low sales force cuts

Sirin Labs, makers of the $14,000 Solarin phone, proves that getting ahead in smartphone manufacturing today is a true challenge, as news spreads of a change in strategy and not enough sales.

iPhone 7 was the best-selling phone worldwide in the first few months of the year

Android and iOS continue to dominate the market -- and in fact, are pushing out other operating systems like Windows Phone, according to a new report. The report also noted that the Apple iPhone 7 was the highest-selling phone in Q1.

Montblanc's mountainous Summit smartwatch is massive in every imaginable way

Montblanc, the luxury goods company best known for its pens, has launched its first Android Wear smartwatch. It's called the Summit, and like most mountains, it's really rather large. We've tried it out.

Sony's new wireless charging patent could let you borrow juice from other devices

Sony is developing a new technology that could help you power your phone wirelessly from another charged device. It could eventually be applied to TVs, fridges, and more, so you wouldn't need to worry about charging your phone at home.

The ZTE Axon 7 is now Daydream-ready, thanks to Android 7.1.1 update

Android 7.0 Nougat is here, but most manufacturers and carriers are taking their time pushing the update. We've reached out to most device manufacturers to find out when and if your smartphone is getting it. Here's what you need to know.

LG G6 comes to Verizon on March 17 with three sweet promos, including a free TV

LG's G6 is a gorgeous, glamorous glass and metal flagship phone with solid specs and high-tech cameras. We go hands-on with the device to give you our first impressions of the design, specs, and software.