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15 annoying LG G5 problems, and how to fix them 2:41

The LG G5 is an admirable smartphone, but it's not without its flaws. Thankfully, we've discovered some of the most common LG G5 problems, along with potential workarounds and fixes.

Google’s symptom checker is a new way to incorrectly self-diagnose your ailments

Google's launched a new feature on mobile, symptom checker, that helps searchers find useful information about medical maladies and ailments. It's available in the U.S. in English, with additional language support planned.

Oppo's new budget phone costs $200, but promises good photos

Oppo unveiled the A37, a seemingly solid mid-range offering that features decent cameras and internals. The phone is currently available for $200, though keep network compatibility in mind if you live in the West.

If you didn't know how inexpensive Huawei's Honor 5C is, you would never guess

We don't often choose a cheap phone because of the design or performance, just because it fits our budget. The Honor 5C may be cheap, but its design and potential gaming performance may mean you pick this one up for other reasons.

Samsung's upcoming flagship may pack dual cameras and a 4K display

Samsung has been showcasing bendable display technology for a few years now, and a folding smartphone might finally become a reality. Internally code named Project Valley, the Galaxy X could launch next year.

Google's DeepMind division teaches a digital ant-like creature to play soccer

DeepMind's artificial intelligence division can now add another accomplishment to its already lengthy roster: the ability to teach itself 'ant soccer.' The feat's thanks to processing improvements and a new method of reinforcement.

Samsung imitates Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads with the Galaxy S7

Samsung's latest advertisement campaign reminds us of Apple's "Shot on iPhone", minus all of the consumer touches that made it so popular. Timelapses and sweeping urban landscapes isn't for the average consumer.

The FCC is finally moving forward on 5G

The FCC has laid out its plans for defining 5G radio spectrums, essentially kicking off the development of 5G in the U.S. This will make the U.S. the first country to define 5G spectrums.

There’s a new low-cost smartphone called the 5C out now, but it’s not made by Apple

There's a new smartphone out for those on a budget, and it's called the 5C. No, not the iPhone 5C, this 5C comes from Huawei spin-off brand Honor. However, just because it's low-cost, doesn't mean it's that low spec.

Ever wonder why Xiaomi doesn’t make waterproof phones? Its founder explains

During a recent press event, Chinese phone juggernaut Xiaomi's founder, Lin Jun, said the company is open to waterproofing its phones in the future. For the time being, however, doing so would do more harm than good.

10 Moto G4 tips to help you get more from your budget phone

The Moto G4 and G4 Plus are solid picks if you're in need of a budget phone, but are you squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of your new smartphone? We’ve rounded up some of the best Moto G4 tips and tricks for your enjoyment and…

Best cooking apps for iPhone and Android

Consider yourself lost in the kitchen, or fancy yourself a capable chef? Check out our notable selection of the best cooking apps, whether you're need need of a killer recipe or a simple video tutorial.