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Ever wonder why Xiaomi doesn’t make waterproof phones? Its founder explains

During a recent press event, Chinese phone juggernaut Xiaomi's founder, Lin Jun, said the company is open to waterproofing its phones in the future. For the time being, however, doing so would do more harm than good.

10 Moto G4 tips to help you get more from your budget phone

The Moto G4 and G4 Plus are solid picks if you're in need of a budget phone, but are you squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of your new smartphone? We’ve rounded up some of the best Moto G4 tips and tricks for your enjoyment and…

Best cooking apps for iPhone and Android

Consider yourself lost in the kitchen, or fancy yourself a capable chef? Check out our notable selection of the best cooking apps, whether you're need need of a killer recipe or a simple video tutorial.

OnePlus execs take to Reddit to answer some of your burning questions

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei took to Reddit to host an Ask Me Anything, where questions ranging from the lack of a memory card slot to the display were asked. Whether the answers satisfy you is a different matter.

Waze will put drivers at ease by letting them avoid difficult intersections

Waze unveiled its "difficult intersections" feature, which will let drivers avoid annoying, and potentially dangerous, intersections. The new feature will roll out as an update sometime soon for drivers in Los Angeles.

Sprint brings entry-level LG K3 into the fold; Boost and Virgin Mobile call dibs

Sprint unveiled the LG K3, the latest addition to LG's midrange K family of phones. Boasting entry-level specs, the K3 can be purchased through both Boost and Virgin Mobile, as long as that's through their online stores.

Apple and Microsoft put the kibosh on a proposed rifle emoji

A joint opposition by Apple and Microsoft to a proposed rifle emoji means your phone won't be getting one anytime soon. The effort was spearheaded by Apple at a recent Unicode Consortium meeting.

Benchmark tests may have revealed the rumored Moto Z Play and Moto X 2016

Two benchmark tests may have revealed two unannounced Motorola phones, which are rumored to be the Moto Z Play and this year's iteration of the Moto X.

Google is paying up to 50 percent more to hackers who find Android bugs

Google has made hundreds of thousands of dollars to hackers who find bugs in Android, but the company has announced that it will now be offering as much as 50 percent more that the firm has previously.

Just tap this wristband to easily capture pocket monsters in ‘Pokémon Go’

There's finally a little more information about the wearable that acts as an accessory to Nintendo's highly anticipated Pokémon Go. It's listed on Amazon for pre-order, and costs $35.

Samsung's Smart Glow is a luminous notification ring for smartphones

Samsung's next smartphone feature may be Smart Glow, a luminous notification ring that's highly customizable. It's reportedly set to debut in the company's India-bound Galaxy J2 handset.

Modular phones at war: Lenovo Moto Z vs LG G5

Lenovo has finally taken the wraps off of the long-awaited Moto Z, but how does it stack up against the only other modular phone around, the LG G5? Check out our spec comparison for a closer look at the hardware and software powering both…