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LG G Watch vs. Samsung Gear Live: Spec Showdown

The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, two recently-announced smartwatches touting Android Wear, ship the first week of July. However, how do the two competing devices stack up against one another? Check out our brief spec comparison below for all the details.


Google’s Nexus program won’t go away anytime soon, Android Silver possibly in the works

According to a Google employee, the Nexus program will not go away anytime soon. However, when asked about the rumored Android Silver program, he implied that it is currently in the works.

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Amazon offers 31 expensive Android apps for free through Saturday

Amazon shows off its Appstore with a new promotion, offering 31 expensive Android apps for free to all Fire OS device users. Some Android devices will also be able to get the free apps.


Rumored Asus smartwatch could be an Android Wear bargain

Asus could be planning to release its first Android Wear smartwatch over the coming months, and to ensure it stands out against the competition, the price could be significantly lower than other devices.


Lenovo A8 review

Can a $180 8-inch tablet compete with Google's Nexus 7? We review the Lenovo A8 to find out.

  • Pros: Low price point of $180, Good for reading, Nice, simple…
  • Cons: No HD display and a wide bezel, Poor-quality back camera…

Google’s Project Tango tablet will make its way to consumers next year

Google announced that its Project Tango tablet will make its way onto consumers' hands sometime next year. The tablet will be made in collaboration with LG.


Android Wear vs. Pebble: The best watch today against the behemoth of tomorrow

We pit the Pebble Smartwatch against the forthcoming Android Wear OS. Both are looking beyond the gym, to the new frontier of wearable technology.


Android Wear is coming to Google Glass, too

Smartwatches aren't the only devices getting Android Wear. The new standard for wearable information is coming to Google Glass too, alongside the API technology already available for the glass wearable.


Android L: Customer representative confirms Moto X and Moto G will receive update

Google has previewed the next version of Android, currently known only as Android L, which will be released later this year. You'll find out here if your phone is on the list to receive the update, and when it could happen.


Android Wear vs. iWatch: Which watch will wow your wrist?

Google recently unveiled Android Wear — a mobile operating system specifically designed for forthcoming smartwatches — but how does the software stack up against Apple's much-anticipated foray into the realm of wearable tech?


Android 4.4 KitKat: Android 4.4.2 set to arrive on AT&T’s Galaxy Note 2 phones (Updated)

Following Android 4.4 KitKat's launch on the Nexus 5, various other manufacturers have been busy confirming the new software will be coming to their phones in the near future. Is yours on the list?


Clone app that steals usernames spotted in Google Play Store

A malicious cloned banking app has cast doubt on the security of the Google Play store. Mobile security company Lookout announced that it uncovered malware that steals user credentials.


FireChat downloads spike in Iraq after censors block Facebook, Twitter

FireChat, the messaging app that works even without Internet connection, was downloaded in large numbers in Irag as the government blocks social media sites due to a terror threat from extremist Sunni militants ISIS.