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New Google Assistant app may let you type as well as talk

Don't you just want to text your phone instead of talking to it? Anticipating an answer in the affirmative, Google appears to be working on a few new features that will allow you to do just that with Google Assistant.

17 of the hottest iPhone keyboards

Apple first allowed third-party keyboard integration with iOS 8, and now, there are scores of alternative keyboards on the market. Here's a rundown of all our favorites, from SwiftKey and Swype to Fleksy.

Now, that's Magic: Honor's new phone has stunningly fast facial recognition

The Honor Magic has a very appropriate name. Inside the absolutely stunning body is some very clever artificial intelligence, providing features with real benefit. We tried the phone out.

Expect more smartwatches and wearables this year, Qualcomm executive says

The smartwatch market took a hit in 2016 -- hardly any Android Wear smartwatches shipped, and lack of demand kept sales down. But Qualcomm's wearables business lead doesn't buy that assessment. In fact, he's more optimistic than ever.

Casio's WSD-F20 packs GPS and Google Assistant, but it's still too pricey

Casio joined the Android Wear family last year with the WSD-F10, a smartwatch that distinguished itself with a focus on outdoor features. At CES, the company has now unveiled the WSD-F20, which improves on its predecessor by adding GPS…

Check out the 20 best LG G4 cases and covers to protect your new phone

Want to protect your LG G4 from scratches, bumps, and tumbles? Looking for a new style to match your new wardrobe? Well, then you need a decent case. Step inside for a closer look at the best LG G4 cases and covers currently on the market.

Energous will bring true wireless charging to the masses later this year

The Energous Miniature WattUp is a reference design for wearables and other small electronics. It delivers truly wireless charging and is scheduled to ship from a number of manufacturing partners later this year.

ZTE CEO at CES 2017: ZTE could play a bigger role in the internet of things 12:50

ZTE CEO Lixin Cheng sat down with Digital Trends at CES to talk about his view of the future, ZTE's grass-roots advertising approach, and the fact that we should expect some more ZTE tablets in the near future.

Samsung's 4th-quarter estimates are pretty impressive, despite Galaxy Note 7 woes

Despite going through a tough few months in its smartphone division, Samsung is reporting some pretty huge estimates for Q4 2016. The news suggests that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle was really just a blip on the radar for Samsung.

Vuzix’s Blade 3000 augmented reality smart glasses are Google Glass reborn

The Vuzix Blade 3000 are augmented reality glasses adapted to a sunglasses form factor. They pack Bluetooth and a built-in processor, and are expected to ship to enterprise clients in the coming months.

TanvasTouch replicates the feel of fabric, guitar strings, and other objects

Tanvas, a Chicago, Illinois-based startup, unveiled its TanvasTouch technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It delivers a versatile new form of haptic feedback designed to more closely mimic a variety of textures.

BlackBerry's Mercury packs Android Nougat and a classic keyboard

An upcoming BlackBerry phone, codenamed Mercury, features a QWERTY keyboard, a fingerprint sensor on the spacebar, and Android 7.0 Nougat. We don't know the specifications or the name of the device, but here's a sneak peak at what it will…