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The Yonomi home automation app will convince you it’s time to make your whole home smart

The smart home is on the rise, however there aren’t yet many ways to make smart home devices work together. Yonomi changes that.

T-Mobile stopped offering HTC's flagship smartphone on its website in July

T-Mobile silently dropped the HTC 10 from its website in July, and hardly anyone noticed. That means the "Un-carrier" carried the device for only two months. AT&T didn't sell it from the start -- all of which contributes to HTC's…

Google adds a Dashboard to Google Now, but only for the rumored Nexus Launcher

Google is testing a Dashboard that would show all your notifications from Google services, such as Keep, Calendar, and more. It looks like the feature will only be available for people using the Nexus Launcher in the upcoming Nexus devices.

Samsung to offer two add-on lenses for the Galaxy Note 7

A new section on the accessories pages for Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 teases a pair of add-on lens attachments. A telephoto and wide-angle lens will be available.

15 tempting HTC 10 cases to style and protect your new phone

Check out these 15 cases and covers for the HTC 10, so you can safeguard your new smartphone from any potential dings that might otherwise wreak havoc on your phone's chamfered frame and stunning display.

Buying a new smartphone? We picked the best, from Android to iOS

It can be a minefield going out to buy a smartphone right now, thanks to the bewildering number of choices and the quality of each offering. To help out, here are 10 of our favorite smartphones for sale right now.

Google is making Gmail safer with new security warnings for malicious links

Google has updated Gmail, both on Android and the web, with a number of new security features. For example, you'll now get a warning when you click on a link to a malicious website.
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ZTE ZMax Pro Review

It's ze best! At only $100, ZTE's ZMax Pro is an outstanding Android phone.

You can now create music videos via SoundHound and Flipagram

SoundHound and Flipagram are teaming up to offer a new way to create music videos within the SoundHound app. The music you recently discovered will automatically be added into the short video you film.

New 'El Gato' Android ransomware may sound cute, but it packs a punch

McAfee cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new Android ransomware, dubbed 'El Gato,' which is capable of stealing SMS messages, locking infected devices remotely, and permanently encrypting files.

10 great Huawei P9 cases to protect your new phone

Finding the right case for your Huawei P9 can be tricky, but these 10 Huawei P9 cases were made specifically for your phone, whether you're looking for something rugged, a leather-clad folio, or a case with added grip.

iHome’s Zenergy line of connected products gets your sleep back on track

iHome's new Zenergy series of connected alarm clocks get your sleep on track with color-shifting LEDs synchronized with your body's circadian rhythm. The first clock is available in two models.