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Google Analytics gets a facelift, lets you share reports

Google Analytics just got a visual overhaul, bringing it up to speed with Material Design guidelines. The logo also got a facelift, and you can also swipe through dimensions as well as share your reports.

Google confirms Android N supports pressure-sensitive displays

Google has confirmed that Android N will support pressure-sensitive displays, which pairs well with the new launcher shortcut feature. We'll likely find out more information at Google I/O in May.

Excited for drones? Green energy? Motif lets you invest in ideas, not stocks

Think you can outsmart the market? Motif will let you build and sell your own investing portfolios based on the things you care about and want to support. You can design portfolios around ideas, strategies, and more.

Viber flicks on encryption, adds Hidden Chats feature

Viber's more than 711 million users can now enjoy encrypted messaging, safe from third-party snooping. A new Hidden Chats feature will also hide your conversations from the main screen of the app.

The rumored Galaxy C7 may be the Galaxy S7’s only slightly less powerful cousin

Samsung may be about to release a new series of smartphones, that still pack plenty of power and an all-metal design, but won't quite compete with the excellent Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
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WeChat Enterprise could be the app to take down Slack

It looks like Slack is about to go to battle. WeChat has finally launched its take on an office chat app, called WeChat Enterprise. The app is being dubbed by fans as WeSlack, and offers a number of interesting features.

NYPD sides with FBI in the war against unbreakable encryption

The New York Police Department wants legislation that would weaken encryption and allow access into criminal's phones for investigations. But a new poll found that Americans trust tech companies more than the government to keep their data…

You can buy accessories for your G5 phone at the LG Friends marketplace

Looking for some new friends? While 'LG Friends' may not give you real friends, it will offer you some 'friends' for your phone. The online marketplace is aimed at offering users G5 accessories and modules.

Google Play Music adds podcast support on the web and Android

Google Play Music Podcasts has finally launched, and there's 20 titles sitting in the Top Charts. The update is rolling out on the Web and on Android today, but unfortunately it's only available for users in the U.S. and Canada.

Download these five apps of the week

Every week we hunt for apps through the various app stores to find you something new -- take a look at this week's top five, which includes an app that will deliver pizza for you; and Microsoft's popular Hub Keyboard.