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Eargonomic: Apple’s redesigned ‘EarPod’ headphones

Apple rolled out its first earbuds about 10 years ago alongside the first-generation iPod. By the time the third and fourth generations of iPod surfaced, the little white headphones had become ubiquitous. Some people loved them, but others hated them with a passion, citing their poor design, crappy sound quality, and uncomfortable fit. Now, after 10 years of complaints, Apple has finally come up with a redesign. 

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The new earbuds are the result of some seriously rigorous R&D — according to Jonathan Ive, they analyzed the shape of hundreds of different ears before settling on a design that could comfortably fit them all. 

They definitely look cool, but their sound quality and level of comfort remain to be proven. Stay tuned for a review in the coming days when we have a chance to get our hands on them.