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Apple iPad (2012) video overview

Jeff takes us through the new iPad from Apple. He explores some of the features, including the impressive Retina Display, which shows no visible pixels. Some other items that he discusses includes a variety of high-res apps available for the iPad and how they look, as well as the speakers and new camera.

The new iPad really impressed Jeff especially considering that he completely skipped out on the previous two iterations of Apple’s tablet. He had this to say about iPad:

After using it, it doesn’t feel like quite as huge a leap as we were hoping for, but it’s still a big step forward for tablets and Apple’s iPad line. It will be nice if Apple chooses to introduce an 8-inch tablet, but the iPad takes mobile computing one step closer to the desktop. Attach a keyboard and stand to this, and you have a very capable PC that can play some impressive games and software. And did we mention the screen? It doesn’t drop your jaw at first, but going back to anything less is already becoming difficult. For the first time, the new iPad feels like the device Steve Jobs promised two years ago. This is a capable post-PC device and should usher in another great year for tablets.

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