Meet the iPad mini in Apple’s official launch trailer

Finally putting months of rumors to rest, Apple has unveiled the new iPad mini. The scaled-down slate is really just what it sounds like: a smaller version of the original iPad. More of an evolution than a revolution.

Apple October 23 News, Rumors, and Launch Announcements

As far as specs go, the device is 53 percent thinner than the full-size iPad, at only 7.2 mm thick. The screen has been shrunk down to a cozy 7.9 inches, but keeps the same 1024 x 768 resolution of the full-size iPad 2. The chassis is all aluminum, and underneath the hood you’ll find a dual-core A5 processor, a battery that offers 10 hours of use, and a 4G LTE radio. As you can tell from this ad, Apple’s designers had to overcome a few challenges to effectively pack everything into a smaller package.

Our favorite part about this video is how many times Jony Ive mentions that the device is easy to use with one hand. The thing is like 5 inches wide. Let’s not forget that this is coming from a company which, just a few weeks ago, released a new iPhone that was longer but not wider so it would still be easy to use with one hand.

Base models for the iPad Mini start at $329, and if you spring for the larger capacity or 4G LTE models, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $230 more. Check out the full iPad mini announcement for more details.

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