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Moshi one ups the iPad Smart Cover with origami-inspired ‘Versacover’

Making accessories for Apple products is an industry in itself these days, but few of them are interesting or innovative enough to catch our eye. Enter Moshi. Though the accessory world is full of gimmicky, artsy cases, screen protectors, and covers, these guys seem a bit different. I met them at CTIA this week and most of their lineup seems at least somewhat interesting. They have about 100 products currently, but were quick to point out that they have 10 original patents as well. The iGlaze with Versacover is undoubtedly one of them (or will be).

Though it’s name leaves much to be desired, the iGlaze with Versacover takes the basic concept of Apple’s iPad Smart Cover and kicks it up a notch. Like the Smart Cover, it has foldable edges and magnets inside it so that it sticks to the front of the tablet, but instead of folding in rows, the VersaCover folds in origami-like triangles, allowing it to be shaped into a pyramid and other shapes that allow your iPad to be positioned in three different ways — two upright, and one lean-back position. It also covers and protects the back of your iPad as well. 

The iGlaze with Versacover isn’t out yet, but will retail for about $60 when it arrives in the next couple months, Moshi representatives told me. The iVisor is also demonstrated in this video. It can cover and protect your iPad screen but doesn’t form any bubbles.

– Jeffrey Van Camp