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‘We’re still here’ – Apple rolls out new iPad ad on same day that Microsoft announces Surface rivals

As if to remind Microsoft — as well as consumers — that it hasn’t gone away, Apple rolled out a new iPad ad on Monday, extolling the virtues of its popular device. The ad, which is essentially a list of all the things you can do with the tablet, comes on the same day that Microsoft unveiled its two Surface tablets.

“Send a note, stay informed, catch a show, make your point, make a memory, make a masterpiece, read something, watch something, learn something,” the ad’s narrator says alongside colorful close-up images of the Cupertino company’s tablet as it undertakes the various tasks.

And then the payoff line: “Do it all more beautifully with the Retina display on iPad.”

The new iPad launched in March with Apple’s high-definition 2048×1536 Retina display, while Microsoft’s RT model of its Surface tablet — the one most likely to have a price tag similar to that of the iPad — sports a less impressive 1366×768 pixel count.

Releasing the 30-second ad on the same day that Microsoft unveiled its two Surface tablets sees Apple acknowledging the arrival of the new devices, and is confirmation that the company will continue to push its high-definition display as a major selling point over rival tablets.

Does a decent display do it for you? Or are you thinking Microsoft might just have something with its new tablets?

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