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Apple’s already sold out of the AT&T new iPads

Apple Store sells out iPad

If you’re anything like the rest of us techies here at Digital Trends, you might have been furiously refreshing the Apple Store homepage yesterday after Apple announced the new iPad (not iPad 3, HD, or even 2S, just plain new “iPad”) trying to get your hand on a pre-order so you can own the latest model by day one of its release. But if you haven’t placed an order for a 4G iPad already, you might be disappointed to learn that as of this morning, the 16GB and 64GB white AT&T iPads have been backordered to the delivery date of March 19.

Just to note, at the time of this writing, the black iPads on AT&T are all still available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and will still arrive on March 16 as Apple announced. 

Waiting an extra three days for the iPad of your dreams isn’t too terribly daunting, but it will be frustrating when everyone else prances around testing all the new specs, technology and updated software Apple spoke of during its event on Wednesday. You can still purchase a Verizon version of the 4G iPad in either black or white and all three available memory sizes, and receive them on March 16 as expected. However, we do anticipate the stock to quickly sell out as well so if you need to have it as soon as everyone else does, you should get a move on it.