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Apple’s rumored NYC event will be all about iBooks: report

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Apple will reportedly hold an event in New York City this month, but don’t expect any new hardware from the Cupertino, California-based company. According to Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch, the unconfirmed shindig will be all about iBooks, Apple’s e-publishing platform, and publishing in general.

The event will be geared towards the publishing industry — rather than consumers — and give these insiders a look at improvements to Apple’s e-publishing offerings, Tsotsis reports. Announcements at the even are not expected to be particularly significant, at least by Apple standards.

The first whiff of an Apple event immediately sparked speculation that the iPad 3 or iTV were about to be unleashed into the wild. But it seems as though we must hold those hopes for another day, as there is approximately a 0.000001 percent chance that any new hardware will be announced, give or take.

By our count, the most likely announcement will involve Newsstand, Apple’s digital bookshelf and marketplace app. Other guesses include other changes to the iBookstore, a revamp of iAd, or possibly a new iTunes video subscription service (yeah, right…).

Regardless of the details, it would seem this Apple event — which, we must point out again, is still unconfirmed by Apple — will mostly be a “meh” affair for the general public. But you can be sure we’ll keep checking to make sure nothing notable falls through the floorboards.