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Belkin Updates Cases for New iPods

Belkin Updates Cases for New iPods

Never far behind the Apple iPod train with new accessories, Belkin on Wednesday announced a new line of cases for the iPod Nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G, devices that that were announced by Apple only a day earlier. The cases announced include many versions of Belkin’s existing designs that have been tweaked for the new, slightly modified devices.

 Belkin will offers its Sport Armband Plus, along with an array of two-tone silicone cases, a remix metal case, a clear acrylic case, a pull-tab leather holster, leather sleeve and folio designs, and their faux-leather eco-conscious equivalents. Every case will be available for both the iPod touch 2G and nano 4G, with some also adapted for the so-called iPod classic 2G, Apple’s latest variant of the traditional iPod.

Wasting no time, Belkin hopes to debut the cases in mid-September across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. They will retail for prices between $15 and $30.

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