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CompuExpert offers fish-eye, wide/macro lenses for iPhone 4

Digital King iPhone 4 lenses

Apple has generally received positive reviews for the quality of the iPhone 4 camera, but it does suffer from one problem endemic to all phone cameras and compact cameras: you’re stuck with just one lens. CompuExpert is looking to change that, offering Digital King fish-eye and 2-in-1 wide-angle/macro lenses especially for the iPhone 4. They connect to the iPhone using special magnetic mounts—no disassembly required—and they work with or without the iPhone 4’s flash.

Digital King iPhone 4 lenses

The lenses were designed by Japan’s Todo Seiko. The fish-eye lens enables iPhone 4 users to capture a 180° field of view, or use the distortion at the edges of the image to create those classic fish-eye effects. The 2-in-1 wide-angle/macro lens is perhaps more interesting, though: as a wide-angle lens, it features a 0.45 magnification and a 90 to 100 degree viewing angle: great for fitting a whole group or room into a shot when you can’t get very far away from your subjects. The macro function also offers 4× magnification for those intriguing close-up shots.

The Digital King lenses are available now, with the fish-eye lens going for $59.99, and the 2-in-1 wide-angle/macro lens going for $49.99. Both come with a carrying case “that wasn’t knitted by your grandma.”