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Earth Day meets iPad with these eco-friendly cases

Today is Earth Day and it seems like everyone is doing their part to make the world a little cleaner, greener, and more sustainable. As a tech website, it’s often difficult to remark about a product’s environmental impact when most are made from difficult-to-recycle materials, toxic batteries, and require electricity to run. It may be impossible to make your tech products eco-friendly, but it’s not too difficult to find stylish, protective, and earth-friendly accessories to keep your electronics safe and sound. We have written about a few of these iPad accessories before, but we wanted to take advantage of Earth Day to highlight some of our favorite eco-friendly iPad and iPad 2 cases. There’s a green iPad case out there for everyone, whether you prefer classic or quirky, and don’t forget…every little effort makes a difference.

A Produkt Kork iPad case – About $72

This simple and lightweight protective iPad case is made of recycled and recyclable natural cork material, which is a sustainable resource. The cork naturally cushions your iPad from any falls, and cutout ports make sure that you always have access to your iPad’s important features.

Nau iPad Stash – $60

This case has a classic portfolio design with a tab closure and several small pockets on the inside for business cards and a passport. The Stash is made from 100 percent die-cut reclaimed wool felt, which is sustainable and gives the case a cozy feel. The front cover also folds back to create a handy viewing stand.

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