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Epson Intros World’s Fastest Inkjet

Epson Intros World

Imaging company Epson has announced its new Stylus C120, which the company claims is the world’s fastest inkjet printer, offering 37 page-per-minute speeds for black, and 20 ppm for color printing in draft mode. Of course, Epson is only comparing the C120 to inkjet printers available for under $160—but that’s not unreasonable considering the C120’s suggested price is just $89.99.

“People who are thinking about buying an entry-level laser printer will love the Epson C120 ink jet printer,” said product manager R. Craig Allen of Epson’s Consumer Ink Jet Printers group, in a statement. “This printer has not only the black text speed of a laser but also color printing and photo capabilities at a very affordable price.”

Epson is pitching the C120 to both families with substantial printing needs (think school papers and projects, driving directions, and the odd photo) along with small businesses who mainly print on plain paper but can’t justify a color laser printer for the occasional color document.

The C120 features individual color ink cartridges so colors are replaceable one-at-a-time, and the ink sets are good for both documents and photos so there’s no cartridge-swapping depending on what users are printing. The printer also features photo capabilities, including the ability to correct exposures, face detection, and color correction. The printer supports paper up to 8.5 by 44 inches, sports USB 2.0 connectivity, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X systems.