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How to burn a CD from iTunes

How to burn a CD using iTunes

*Note: for this iTunes CD burning tutorial we’re assuming that you already have iTunes installed and have added music to your library. If you need help importing your music, head on over to Apple’s tutorial.


 Create a new playlist. To do this, click File, and then New Playlist. When you do this, iTunes will create a new tab labeled “Untitled Playlist” in the sidebar under the Playlists category. Feel free to name it whatever you like.


 Next, add songs to your newly-created playlist by dragging and dropping them into it. Highlight multiple songs by holding the Shift key and pressing the up or down arrow keys. Don’t get overzealousthough – keep in mind that CD’s generally hold about 80 minutes of music. To know how long your playlist is, just look down to the bottom of the iTunes window.


 Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW, then ctrl+click on your playlist in the sidebar. A menu should appear and give you the option to “Burn Playlist to Disc”. Click it, and iTunes will start burning your selected songs to the disc. This generally takes anywhere from two to five minutes depending on the number of songs on your playlist.


 iTunes will notify you when the burn is finished and your CD is ready to use. Eject it and you’re ready to go!