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Oregon man uses homemade 8-iPhone panoramic camera to document scooter journey across US

Gabriel Paez combined his love for panoramic photography and Apple’s iPhone to create a Street View-style camera which he’s used to capture a 10-day journey across North America on a Vespa called Pucho.

The Oregon resident created his 360-degree camera using eight of the Apple-made handsets, strapping a ninth to his wrist which acted as the controller for his homemade head-based photographic contraption.

Paez also wrote the software to control his camera, an exercise which he described as “challenging.” He intends to write a post about how he made his special device once he gets back to his home on the west coast.

Paez left Seaside, Oregon on September 21, heading for Portland, Maine with occasional forays into Canada along the way. He arrived in the east coast town on Tuesday, with plans to end his journey Wednesday morning with a drive to the beach alongside riders from the local scooter club.

On his website, Paez says he plans to use the fruits of his labor for a stage show he’s been working on, though there’s no word as to when this might take place.

Alternatively, perhaps he could offer his Street View-style work to Apple, who might be interested in using it to enhance its much-criticized Maps app, although Paez would have to ride a few more miles on Pucho to get all of the states covered….

[MAKE via PetaPixel] [Images: Gabriel Paez]