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Microsoft launches MSN for Mac OS X

Users of Mac OS X in the United States can now boast a better Web experience, with top-requested features including a powerful junk e-mail filter with multiple layers of filtering; customizable parental controls that help parents protect their children from inappropriate online content and limit communication with strangers; and free, round-the-clock, Mac-specific customer support.

“The Macintosh Business Unit and MSN teams have worked closely to develop a custom version of MSN specifically designed for the unique needs and preferences of Mac consumers,” said Lisa Gurry, group product manager of MSN at Microsoft. “Take the thousands of research hours we’ve put into MSN 8, add the MacBU’s own research and expertise in developing cutting-edge online products and software for Mac OS X, layer that on top of powerful OS X technologies, and you’ll find MSN for Mac OS X makes the Web more useful.”

MSN for Mac OS X offers users access to the platform’s best consumer software services via MSN dial-up service or as a premium suite of software services they can use with their existing Internet service provider (ISP), whether dial-up or broadband.

“Our research shows that a significant number of Mac users are unhappy with their current ISP. They are clamoring for a better Internet experience, and we are excited to deliver what they’ve been waiting for with MSN for Mac OS X,” said Roz Ho, general manager of the MacBU at Microsoft. “For 20 years we’ve been delivering award-winning Mac products that complement and enhance the Mac. We’ve applied what we learned over the years to design MSN for Mac OS X to help users locate relevant and useful information on the Web, greatly reduce the amount of junk e-mail they receive, and make their online experience safe with the most-advanced parental controls of any Mac ISP — all wrapped in a familiar Mac look and feel.”

MSN for Mac OS X: Useful Internet Subscription Service for Users of Mac

MSN for Mac OS X gives users of Mac OS X — whether Internet novices or more-advanced enthusiasts — the tools they need to accomplish online tasks quickly and easily. In addition to features previously mentioned, MSN for Mac OS X includes the following:

  • Dashboard. This dynamic feature appears on the right side of the screen and offers convenient access to current information when the user is online. Because it is customizable, the dashboard lets users easily see and access what is important to them, such as instant messaging contacts, local news and weather, and stock tracking.
  • Roaming information. Users don’t need to be tied to their Mac to check their e-mail or calendar. With MSN for Mac OS X, users can access their account from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection.
  • Full-featured e-mail. MSN for Mac OS X saves users time and makes e-mail more convenient than ever with organizational features such as categorization, preview pane, multiple folders, spell check and offline e-mail.
  • MSN Messenger for Mac. MSN for Mac OS X’s Messenger application is seamlessly integrated with the browser, so people can send an instant message without opening a separate application. In addition, the new MSN Messenger allows users to archive instant-message conversations.
  • Valuable content. With MSN for Mac OS X, users can access easy-to-use financial tools from MSN Money and MSN Encarta├é┬« Plus. MSN Encarta Plus contains rich multimedia content, tools for project planning, and a thesaurus and dictionary for reference.
  • Speed. MSN for Mac OS X delivers outstanding browsing performance and features a new rendering engine for fast performance.

Today’s launch marks the availability of MSN for Mac OS X in the United States. The subscription, which includes up to nine e-mail addresses, is available through MSN Dial-Up Internet Access for $21.95 per month. Consumers who use another ISP, including broadband, can access the premier communications, browsing and online safety capabilities of MSN for Mac OS X through a separate Internet software subscription for $9.95 per month, or $79.95 for an annual subscription. Consumers can subscribe to MSN for Mac OS X by visiting http://join.msn.com/mac or by calling (888) MSN-4MAC (676-4622).