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New cordless mouse for your laptop

This stylish new addition to the Logitech family of cordless products connects with the PC using an ultra-slim, key-sized USB receiver. Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks is available in retailoutlets and online at http://www.logitech.com/ for U.S. $39.95.

Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks is the latest in Logitech’s portfolio of products designed for mobility.  “Mobility has become an essential part of the modern lifestyle and Logitech is addressing this trend with the introduction of products for today’s notebook users,” said Ashish Arora, director of product marketing for retail pointing devices at Logitech. “Logitech is focused on providing these mobile technology users with reliable cordless products that make mobile computing and communications simple, easy and fun.”

The mouse is loaded with features designed for mobile users ranging from business travelers to students, who often find themselves in tight spaces where the tangle of cords adds one more challenge to using their notebook. The compact, ambidextrous design balances ease of use, portability, and comfort, and sports an elegant silver finish to match the latest notebook computers. The unique USB receiver is slim enough to slip into the crowded connection area on most laptops without displacing other connectors. With more than ten years of experience with cordless technology, Logitech delivers superior cordless performance that can be relied upon. The mouse itself has been developed to ensure that the cordless connection will not be lost once established. Therefore, the user can plug and unplug the receiver, turn the notebook on/off and even exchange the batteries, without losing the connection between the mouse and the receiver.

With Logitech’s best-in-class power management technology and the convenient on/off switch located on the bottom of the mouse, battery life can easily exceed six months. Both mouse and receiver pack neatly into the included carrying case.

“Now, mobile professionals can experience the same cordless freedom and optical sensing technology that has become so popular among desktop PC users,” said Arora.  “With more than 40 million cordless devices sold to date, we have learned what consumers want as they seek to free their desk from clutter. Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks is bringing this same level of satisfaction and convenience to people on the go.”

Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks employs an optical sensor to track movement, so there is no ball that can clog up and require cleaning. An optical sensor tracks the relative location of the mouse by “taking a picture” of the surface on which the mouse is operating. Each captured image is then sequentially analyzed by a powerful digital signal processor, which detects the speed and direction of even the slightest movement and translates it into smooth cursor movements and superior precision on the computer screen.

The Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks uses Logitech’s robust Fast RF