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Nokia Sues Apple over iPhone and iPad Tech

It has been a tough month for Apple.  Once the David, fighting off the corporate goliaths, Apple has itself become a goliath, and it has the lawsuits and anti trust inquiries to prove it.

Today Nokia joins the growing list of companies that have an axe to grind with Apple, by filing a patent infringement lawsuit against the Cupertino company over technology in the iPhone and the iPad. According to Bloomberg, the patents relate to enhanced speech and data transmission. The suit will be heard in Wisconsin,in a court that is reputed to hold patent trials more quickly than others.

Although the announcement came as something of a surprise since Nokia has remained quiet lately, it isn’t the first time the companies have wound up in court over patents. Nokia sued Apple last year, which caused Apple to countersue.

No word yet on which company will be next to sue Apple.