Is Apple Pay a hit? Cook says it surpassed 1 million activations in 72 hours

Apple Pay surpasses 1 million downloads in 72 hours. CEO Tim Cook says retailers will support Apple Pay or risk losing customers.

Apple’s Tim Cook reveals what really killed the iPod Classic

Tim Cook wants you to know that it wasn't his decision to kill off the iPod Classic. During a Q&A in California on Monday, the CEO said Apple simply "couldn't find the parts anymore," adding that the Classic's demise wasn't down to him…

Tim Cook calls Apple Watch ‘profound,’ though it’ll require daily charging

Though there was talk earlier in the year that Apple was trying to design its smartwatch so it could run for four days on a single charge, CEO Tim Cook revealed Monday that it's likely to require daily charging.

Apple Pay may soon work with some subway lines and ticketing systems

Apple may extend the use of the iPhone 6's NFC technology to transit cards and keycards. The company is reportedly in talks with two big NFC-tech providers.

First week OS X Yosemite usage is out-shooting Mavericks, but not by much

Are you wondering how popular OS X Yosemite is so far? Here are some numbers, as estimated by Chitika.

OS X Yosemite users plagued by Wi-Fi breakdowns — no fix in sight

Reports of various OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi glitches are piling up, while Apple remains mum on the matter. Here's where you can find a few quick fixes.

Best Buy cuts base model 13-inch MacBook Air by $150 down to $850

Best Buy is offering a big discount on the 13-inch MacBook Air. Learn more here.

Good news, radio fiends: iHeartRadio and Rdio apps confirmed for Apple CarPlay – UPDATE

iHeartRadio and Rdio are now among the apps compatible with Apple's new CarPlay infotainment system. The list of apps is still pretty small however, as is the list of compatible cars.

Why can’t we be friends? Google wants to bring Android Wear to iOS

Google would consider adding iOS support for Android Wear devices, but says there are a lot of obstacles in the way. Would Apple ever agree to support it, or should Google target Windows Phone instead?
Product Review

Apple iMac with Retina Display Review

Describing Apple's 5K iMac display without profanity just doesn't do it justice.

iPad Mini 2 vs. iPad Mini 3: How big is the update?

Apple may have given the iPad Air a substantial update, but the iPad Mini wasn't as fortunate. Check out our side-by-side comparison of the iPad Mini 3 and its predecessor, the iPad Mini 2, for a closer look at the internal hardware…