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Apple adds ABC, Bloomberg and Crackle apps to Apple TV

Potentially useful to anyone that owns or is interested in the Apple TV set-top box, a handful of new applications for entertainment and news were added to the streaming video platform earlier today.

Want to text on flights? Southwest offers an inexpensive iMessage plan

Definitely ideal for anyone that carries around an iPhone or iPad, Southwest has launched access to a cheap service on Wi-Fi enabled planes that enables Apple's iMessage for the entire flight.

Apple picks up patent for curved-screen technology method

Apple's supposed interest in curved-screen devices has been in the news for a while now, and the award of a patent this week detailing a manufacturing technique to produce such displays backs up the idea that something curvaceous could be…

Parents revolt over Fisher-Price infant seat with face-level iPad mount

Definitely a questionable product for developing infants, Fisher-Price is taking heat from parents over a newborn bouncy seat that includes a mount to attach an iPad for videos and other entertainment.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 with Retina vs. Lenovo ThinkPad T440s

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 with Retina and the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s are popular picks among business professionals, frequent fliers and anyone who needs both power and portability. We take a look at how the two notebooks stack up against one…

In Japan, iPhones are 8 of the top 10 best-selling smartphones

We'd heard the Apple iPhone was popular in Japan, and now sales figures have proven just how much it's adored. According to research, the iPhone occupied eight of the top ten smartphone sales positions during the first week of December.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more launch ‘Reform Government Surveillance’ campaign

After months of NSA leaks, a coalition of eight major U.S. technology companies, led by Google and Microsoft, launched a public campaign to overhaul the scope and oversight of government surveillance.

How do you build the world’s finest iPad case? As fast as you can

When you’re sprinting after a company like Apple, there’s no time to catch your breath. Here’s how Grove builds the world’s classiest iPhone and iPad cases from wood in record time, thanks to a crazy workshop, a team of hands-on…

Apple rolls out its location-sensing iBeacon tech to message shoppers inside its stores

Apple rolled out its location-sensing iBeacon technology at its US stores over the weekend, allowing the company to message iPhone-owning visitors to its brick-and-mortar sites information according to their precise location within the…

iOS 7 adoption hits 74 percent among Apple mobile users

Likely due to the revamped layout and added features within iOS 7, the adoption rate for Apple's relatively new operating system is moving along more rapidly than the previous generation.

Fun Foaster iPhone dock will hide in plain sight in your kitchen

If you charge your iPhone in the kitchen, you may like the idea of a dock which fits in with the look of other appliances. Enter the Foaster, a fun toaster-like dock for charging a pair of iPhones.

Apple and China Mobile have finally inked iPhone deal, WSJ reports

Apple appears to have finally struck a deal with China Mobile, the world's biggest wireless carrier with more than 700 million subscribers. It's thought the deal could bring the tech giant an extra 20 million iPhone activations in China in…