Apple’s OS X security hole affects slew of apps, researcher claims

As Mac computer users wait patiently for Apple to roll out a fix for a serious security flaw that hit the headlines over the weekend, it's now emerged that the bug appears to affect a long list of Apple apps.

Apple, Samsung set for new court clash as patent-related mediation talks fail

Apple and Samsung will face each other in court yet again next month over patent infringement issues as a recent mediation meeting between top executives from the two tech firms failed to achieve a settlement.

Update your iOS devices now to fix a new security flaw

Apple has pushed out iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 updates to its mobile software to plug a vulnerability related to network encryption, while security researchers say the same problem could affect OS X too.

USPS planning to launch a Steve Jobs stamp in 2015

Possibly a collectors item for anyone that loves the history of Apple or Steve Jobs, the U.S. Postal Service will launch a new stamp next year that pays homage to the Apple co-founder.

Type without looking using Fleksy, the iPhone’s first alternative keyboard

Fleksy is the first alternative keyboard for iPhone and iPad owners. Developers can now build the keyboard into their apps, where it'll be offered as an alternative to the standard Apple keyboard.

Apple brings iTunes Festival to US for first time, launches at SXSW

Apple is bringing its iTunes Festival to the US for the first time, with Austin's SXSW film, tech and music bash hosting the event next month. Artists include Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull, Keith Urban, and ZEDD.

You’re doing it wrong: OptimizeMe gives life advice by logging everything you do

If you're not satisfied with your day-to-day life, OptimizeMe might be able to help. This very hands on life log app finds trends and correlations in your activities and points you to the parts of life that make you happy and productive.
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Apple patent hints at fitness-tracking headphones on the way

Apple's future headphones will give feedback on your body's heart rate, temperature, perspiration and more. Plus, the patent details a new head-wagging form of device control, and the headphones will work hard to motivate you when you're…

The average Android phone is now half the price of an iPhone

According to the IDC, the average Android device is more than half the price of an average iOS device. While this is interesting news, it's also skewed. The data doesn't account for some facts about Android

Apple to buy Tesla? Rumors fly after Apple execs, Elon Musk have super-secret meeting

Under the typical veil of secrecy, Tesla motors and Apple have again peaked everyone's interest as CEO Elon Musk was revealed to have met Apple execs. When Musk was asked about the meeting, he declined to comment as did Apple executives but…

Do insults yield results? Carrot Fit berates you into exercising (or deleting it)

Trouble losing weight? Maybe you just need the right motivation. Carrot Fit will insult you until you start eating better and working out. It will even berate you when you're within your ideal weight, because why not?