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Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale – Is Your Bathroom a Wireless Hotspot?

Withings has built a scale that is nearly as functional as it is elegantly stylish. Wi-fi connectivity lets this bathroom scale automatically upload your daily data to your computer via your home wireless network.

Apple Prevails in iPod Hearing Loss Suit

A U.S. appeals court has ruled in Apple's favor in a class action suit claiming volume levels of iPods can lead to hearing loss.

iPhone Hacking: Tips and Considerations When Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Want to jailbreak your iPhone? Check out our iPhone hacking tips and considerations.

Nokia Claims Most Apple Products Violate Its Patents

The battle between Espoo and Cupertino is heating up: Nokia is now claiming "virtually all" Apple products violate Nokia patents.

Nielsen Tallies Up Most Popular Phones of 2009

Nielsen says the iPhone and BlackBerries were the most popular phones of 2009...but guess what was in third place? The Motorola Razr.

Mac Buying Guide

Before you spend a bundle on Apple's Mac computers, take a look at our Mac buying guide and tips.

Rumors of Verizon iPhone on the 2010 Horizon

Reports and rumors that Apple's iPhone is coming to Verizon in 2010 are looking good.

iPhone Eclipses Windows Mobile in U.S.

Data from Comscore shows that the number of people using Windows Mobile in the United States is now less than the number of iPhone users.

Microsoft Comes to Apple’s iPhone in Bing App

Apple approves Microsoft's Bing app for the iPhone.

Belkin’s Bluetooth Music Receiver Streams Music Wirelessly

Belkin's new Bluetooth Music Receiver frees you up from being tied down to docks and wires.

JVC XS-SR3 Surround iPod Dock Shows Its Curves

JVC's new XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock has a unique wraparound design and promised Dolby Virtual Surround...and switch between landscape and portrait docking.

Amazon Kindle App for iPhone Goes International

Amazon is ratcheting up the e-reader competition by taking its Kindle for iPhone live in more than 60 additional countries.

Tech Mogul Mansions: Billionaire Homes of the Tech Industry

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Apple Tablet to Arrive in March or April of 2010

Analysts say the Apple tablet will be released sometime this spring in either March or April.

Apple iPhone Sales in China Underreported

Last week, naysayers were gleefully reporting the expensive, WiFi-free iPhone on sale in China was a flop. But guess what? There was a translation error.

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