New iOS 8 widget lets you control Philips Hue lights from Notifications Center

Freshly launched in the App Store, this new iOS 8 widget allows you to turn your Hue lights on or off right from the iOS Notification Center menu -- effectively making the entire process much faster

Cops can make you unlock your phone with your fingerprint, but not your PIN

A judge ruled that police can compel a criminal defendant to unlock his phone with a fingerprint, but can't force him to give up his passcode to unlock the device. The ruling follows much speculation as to the security of fingerprint…

CurrentC fines retailers that allow NFC payments with Google Wallet and Apple Pay

Retailers who back the CurrentC mobile payment system face steep fines if they allow other forms of mobile payments in stores. As such, NFC payments made with Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and others have been suspended in these stores.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is proud to be gay, hopes his openness can help others

Apple CEO Tim Cook has talked about being gay, saying although he is fortunate enough to work in a company which embraces people's differences, others aren't so lucky. If his openness can benefit them, he says, it'll be worth the trade-off…

Apple Pay competitor CurrentC just got hacked — How do you like them Apples?

Apple Pay competitor CurrentC, which is backed by the MCX merchants coalition, has already been hacked. The email addresses of early testers were stolen. The app also has terrible reviews on the app stores, thanks to angry NFC fans.

You can now order a Crunchy Taco from the comfort of your phone with the Taco Bell app

Taco Bell launched a new app for iOS and Android that lets you place an order and pick it up later. Your order is made when you arrive at the restaurant of your choosing. The app is now available for free.

If you’re buying an iPad Air 2, don’t buy it from a wireless carrier

In a set of tweets, T-Mobile CEO John Legere attempted to clear the confusion around Apple SIM, Apple's new initiative to bypass carrier lock-in. Even T-Mobile itself wasn't exempt from Legere's "tweetstorm."

Is Apple Pay a hit? Cook says it surpassed 1 million activations in 72 hours

Apple Pay surpasses 1 million downloads in 72 hours. CEO Tim Cook says retailers will support Apple Pay or risk losing customers.

Apple’s Tim Cook reveals what really killed the iPod Classic

Tim Cook wants you to know that it wasn't his decision to kill off the iPod Classic. During a Q&A in California on Monday, the CEO said Apple simply "couldn't find the parts anymore," adding that the Classic's demise wasn't down to him…

Tim Cook calls Apple Watch ‘profound,’ though it’ll require daily charging

Though there was talk earlier in the year that Apple was trying to design its smartwatch so it could run for four days on a single charge, CEO Tim Cook revealed Monday that it's likely to require daily charging.

Apple Pay may soon work with some subway lines and ticketing systems

Apple may extend the use of the iPhone 6's NFC technology to transit cards and keycards. The company is reportedly in talks with two big NFC-tech providers.

First week OS X Yosemite usage is out-shooting Mavericks, but not by much

Are you wondering how popular OS X Yosemite is so far? Here are some numbers, as estimated by Chitika.